Project Description

Why OCR pushes your Event to the next level of customer experience


Two weeks ago a special event took place in Vienna. Canon invited important customers and companies to a forum to present the newest technology and processes. It was also the premiere of using the Anyline SDK as a part of an event solution.

Through the Anyline OCR SDK it was possible to

  • Gamify the whole event and the individual booths and offer a new experience for the participant
  • Get detailed numbers of the most popular topics, the amount of customers etc…
  • Customize the info material for every single participant

You are curious how this is possible? Let’s have a look!

OCR as part of an event solution

What’s that exactly? Anyline provides a mobile OCR SDK, which can be implemented in the event app and therefore allows the visitors to scan their badges for different reasons. On the booths, the event host has to provide mobile devices to run the application on like tablets.

The customer journey behind the Canon Business Forum: The visitors get their badges and scan it for the entry and registration via a mobile device. Now they will go to different booths, some are more interesting for them, some less. If they are interested in a solution or topic, they now have to scan their badge at the booth. No printed material they have to take with them the whole day, all the information in the system.


Die Art und Weise, wie wir mit Bildern, Dokumenten und Informationen umgehen, hat sich in den letzten Jahren drastisch verändert“, Mag. Peter Saak, CEO Canon Austria GmbH

After a long day and a lot of information, we all know that it’s hard to remember which companies or technologies were the most important for ourselves. So Anyline is happy to help. At the end the visitor has to scan the badge again at the information point and get a customized brochure of his interests from the whole event! In case of the Canon event it was a printed brochure but of course it is possible to send the information via mail. Now the visitor is happy about a perfect customer journey and experience and the event host has detailed information about the single customer and can provide a better target-oriented information in the future. So it’s a WIN-WIN


Nowadays it’s not about talking about business with some people, it’s about creating a new experience of making business. Only if the customer is entertained and feels comfortable, it’s a good experience. With the information gathering through the scan application the customer is involved in the process and can decide by himself which information he wants and which he doesn’t. He is the most important player in this game and has to participate actively. According to the feedback from the Canon Business Forum the visitors loved this gamified solution.

Customer Analyses

Imaging you are hosting a big fair or event with dozen of exhibitioners. It’s impossible to analyse which was the most popular booth, how much visitors watched the talk from a specific company. Or should we say it was impossible? Through the Anyline event solution any registration for info material or a talk can processed through the application. After the event you will know

  • how many visitors you had
  • the most popular topic, booth, company etc.,
  • which talks, workshops were fully booked and which weren’t
  • how many visitors may have used some provided services
  • and much more!

All the gathered information will help you to optimize the next event in a new dimension. It’s easier to calculate the provided beverages, depending on the visitors as well as the attendance limit for workshops. It’s not saving money it improves the experience for the customer for future events.

Targeted Marketing

Nowadays we all get flooded with information through newsletters or social media. So it’s far more important to provide target-oriented information for each customer or potential customer. Through the scanning you’ll know exactly about the topics each single visitor is interested in. So you are able to provide the perfect, most interesting news for every participant. It’s not just about the information you or your company shows that you care about the people and that you are going the extra mile for everyone.


If you have questions, suggestions or feedback on this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via FacebookTwitter or simply via [email protected]! Cheers!