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One giant leap for scan-kind!

In this blog, Anyline Co-Founder and CEO Lukas Kinigadner explains why our new release is a game-changer for mobile scanning.

Today I’m proud to announce that we’re stepping onto a new frontier with our latest SDK, Anyline 11. In this release, we’re launching a new browser-based scanning technology. 

This will give users the power to scan text with a smartphone or webcam, on any webpage

And we’re choosing today – the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing – to celebrate this achievement. Why? Because it represents one giant leap for scan-kind!

A Game-Changer for Mobile Scanning

Browser-based scanning unlocks huge possibilities for companies to save time and resources, while giving customers an unbeatable user experience

How? Until now, companies who wanted to use Anyline would integrate our SDK (software development kit) into their existing app. This approach has established us as the go-to mobile scanning solution for millions of users around the world.

But developing an app for scanning isn’t always the best choice for every use case, since it can be a long and costly process.

With Anyline 11, it’s now possible to use our scanning function on a web browser, with just a few lines of JavaScript. 

That means businesses can avoid the costs of app development, and easily integrate scanning into their website within minutes, rather than weeks or months. And Anyline’s unique on-device processing also guarantees unparalleled accuracy, security and privacy

I could list a dozen ways that Anyline 11 will change the game for mobile scanning. But for the sake of brevity, here are just three examples.

Win customer loyalty with every scan

Imagine you are developing a marketing campaign. Promotions are a great option to create buzz around your product, and are used around the world by the biggest names in fast-moving consumer goods.

But there’s a problem.

Customers often don’t want to download a ‘disposable’ single-use app. The simple step of downloading already loses the interest of many potential users, while others will not want to clutter their smartphone with a promotional app they may only use once. 

With Anyline 11, you can simply embed a pre-built promotional code scanning function right into your webpage. That means your customers can avoid delays and start scanning instantly

The result? 

Greater engagement, a better user experience, and a stronger connection to your brand.

Meter reading in under a minute

Anyline has already revolutionized meter reading for water and electricity providers. With our scanning technology, companies and customers alike can now scan and send meter readings with just their smartphones. 

With Anyline 11, collecting readings gets even faster.

Now, the whole process can be as easy as sending an email with a link. Customers would simply receive a message in their inbox, open the link, scan their meter and send it back to their provider – all in under a minute!

Complete flexibility with serverless scanning 

The last thing I want to share with you is the ace up our sleeve – what makes Anyline 11 unique to any other product on the market.

Unlike other OCR solutions which require a constant connection to an external server, Anyline processes all data directly on your phone. That means once you load the web page and open the scanning function, you can scan at your convenience, even when offline!

This not only makes scanning effortless; on-device processing guarantees unbeatable security and privacy, while eliminating latencies and connection drops. 

Aiming for the stratosphere

As you can tell, we’ve had some fun with our tongue-in-cheek moon landing branding. Apollo 11, Anyline 11 – how could we resist?! But if you can indulge one last reference, I’d like to leave this final thought.

Speaking at Rice University in 1962, John F Kennedy famously said that the challenges of the mission to the moon were worth doing, “not because they are easy, but because they are hard.” 

This is the attitude I see every day at Anyline. So I want to conclude by recognizing the huge effort of our fantastic team, which shines through in this, and every release. Anyline is  constantly working to adapt, innovate, and push the boundaries of what is possible, and this is what gives me the confidence to say that we are truly aiming for the stratosphere.

Download the Free Anyline OCR Scanner App

You can test Anyline’s mobile scanning technology for yourself with our demo App. The Anyline OCR Scanner is a free app available on the App Store and Google Play that will help you to assess your scanning use cases. It includes more than 10 scanning solutions, works offline and has a +99% scan accuracy!

Check it out now and discover the potential to streamline your processes and services with your smartphone!


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