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React VR & Hololens Demonstrations at the Computer Vision Meetup

We’re proud to announce that yesterday’s event was the two year anniversary of the Computer Vision Meetup. Thank you to everyone that attended and helped us to celebrate in style!

The occasion was marked by a talk and demonstration from two of Anyline’s core developers. Attendance was great and both speakers were delighted with the questions and comments they received.

Anyline CTO and Founder of the Computer Vision Meetup, Daniel Albertini, had this to say:

It’s great to host this event. We get Computer Vision experts from all around Europe interested in speaking here. There’s a lot of interest in Computer Vision in Vienna too so it’s great to meet local developers and entrepreneurs that benefit from the meetup!

An Introduction to React VR

Jonas Laux, a developer here at Anyline, gave the first presentation. Jonas gave a detailed introduction to React VR and its benefits. React VR lets you build VR apps using only JavaScript. It uses the same design as React, letting you compose a rich VR world and UI from declarative components.

Jonas broke down the structure of apps built with React VR and provided his own code sample. He also gave a quick breakdown of styling with React VR and its similarities to CSS styling. Check out the Jonas’ full presentation below.

Hololens Augmented Reality Demonstration!

After Jonas’ presentation, we were treated to a Hololens augmented reality demonstration by Peter Sperl. Peter is also a member of the Anyline development team. Guests were invited to try the Hololens in the Anyline office where Peter had a number of AR surprises waiting for them.

Peter (left) demonstrates the basic gestures needed to interact with AR on the Hololens


The Computer Vision Meetup takes places on the last Wednesday of every month at the Anyline office, Die Manege, Zirkusgasse 13/2b, 1020 Vienna. You can get information on upcoming speakers and start times on our official meetup page.

If you’d like to give a talk about computer vision, please get in touch at [email protected]


If you have questions, suggestions or feedback on this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via FacebookTwitter or simply via [email protected]! Cheers!


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