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Samsung files smart contact lens patent

We’ve recently given you a list of smart glasses that are currently on the market and we’ve talked about the trend of lighter and more wearable ones. But what if you don’t even have to wear smart glasses to get the full augmented reality experience, what if  you could simply wear contact lenses? Samsung could make that possible!

Samsung received smart contact lens patent

Samsung received the patent for augmented reality contact lenses in South Korea, which it originally filed for back in September 2014. The contact lenses work by integrating a camera, movement sensors, a transmitter and a display unit in the lenses.

Smart contact lenses are controlled by blinking

The eyepieces will work together with a smartphone, the commands will be made through the lenses by blinking and will then be sent to the device for processing.
Samsung started to develop these smart contact lenses to create a better augmented reality experience than users received when using smart glasses. The smart contact lenses would make it even possible to project augmented photos or videos directly into a person’s eye.

Google also owns two patents for smart contact lenses but it looks like they are steering more towards a health-focused product. For example Google’s smart contact lenses should be able to read the chemicals in the tear fluid of the wearer’s eye to establish if their blood sugar levels have fallen to an alarming rate.

Even though Samsung’s patent was granted, it is not definitive that they will actually release a product for consumers. Companies often file patents for technology and inventions they are working on but still do not end up releasing a product in the end.  

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