How Scanning Eases the Pain with Tax Refund

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How Scanning eases the pain with Tax Refund


One of the best things about a journey in foreign countries is the tax free shopping. It’s an incentive which almost everyone likes – even though the tax refund process is sometimes too tedious and the customers satisfaction goes down.

According to a study from Global Blue tax free shopping is the service most often expected from Chinese travellers with the shopping abroad.


In these days it’s all about fast and easy processing and I’ll show you the solution for long tax refund processes. It seems like just a small step in the process but it saves a lot of time and money.

Through scanning the MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) of passports the fill in of the form will be much faster and more accurate than by typing it in. You need just your smartphone or tablet and a mobile application.

Time saving

As I already wrote it’s all about time. Complicated processes are no longer accepted and especially not in retail. So if a customer wants to shop tax free, you as a retailer need some personal information. And this information is (what a coincident 😉 ) stored in the passport. Instead of typing all the information (First Name, Last Name, Nationality, Country etc.) in, just scan the MRZ of the passport and the information will be filled in automatically. How you scan the passport you are asking? – Just use your smartphone or tablet and the mobile application with all the software environment.


Through this optimization it’s not just less time per customer but it’s a better customer experience too. So all in all more customers will use this service and you, as a retailer, get a faster process and you are able to serve more customers per day.

Eliminate errors

We are all humans and we all make mistakes, for example typing errors. When you have to type in the customer’s information in your system it can and it will happen that there are some errors. And guess what, this costs a lot, not just in terms of time but also in terms of money.


Imagine that one mistake costs you approximately 3 minutes (filled in incorrectly, printed it out, checked by the customer, a mistake was found, filled in again, printed it again….) and it happens a few times: after 20 customer you’ve lost one hour. One hour means: one paid hour for nothing, one hour less for other work, one hour less to serve other customers and an additional hour your customers had to spend on the process (even if it’s just a few minutes per customer). Now you can calculate this number for your own shop and you’ll see – I’m right. By using your smartphone to scan the passport you save time and it’s a fast success for the employee and customer, which brings me to the next reason.


As I told you at the beginning it’s all about faster and easier processing and not only because we need to save money and because of hard economic times.

The satisfaction of the employees is (or should be) as much important as the satisfaction of the customers.

Through process optimization via MRZ scanning the tasks for employees are easier, more efficient and with a lower error rate. All this factors influence the satisfaction of the staff and this again impacts the customer’s experience in a positive way.


Sum up

To be honest – for tax free shopping a lot of information has to be given to get the money back. The more  information is needed, the longer the process and the higher the error rate – but that’s history now. With scanning the MRZ of travel documents or passports most of the information are digitized and filled-in within seconds. Which means that using the MRZ scanner is:

  • time saving
  • error eliminating
  • satisfying for customers and employees.

Global Blue provides world class tax free shopping and chose to use Anyline as the perfect software solution for their refund process.


“Typing passport information is time consuming and more likely to be subject to mistakes. By integrating Anyline into our software solutions, we made life easier to our customers. Scanning passport & ID information on tablets and smartphones is definitely the best solution: direct, simple & safe!”

Matthias Fritz  Group Product Manager, TFS Issuing
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