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Snapchat introduces new augmented reality feature

We’ve recently published a blog post about Snapchat apparently venturing into the smart glasses business. A feature they’ve just introduced suggests that they will continue working with augmented reality. Just a few weeks after Snapchat did a massive overhaul of their chat system, the app released a new futuristic feature: 3D stickers.


The Snapchatters among you have probably already checked out the great new feature and sent some cool augmented reality videos to their friends. However for everyone else who either don’t have snapchat or simply didn’t realise that the app added this amazing new feature, I’d like to do a quick introduction of the feature.

The new 3D stickers can be pinned to any object in a video and will stick with it no matter how this object or your smartphone camera moves. With this 3D motion-tracking feature, Snapchat is basically bringing augmented reality technology to the masses which could unlock a whole new wave of creativity from its users.

The only downside: the stickers are only available on Android devices at the moment. The reason for that could be that some of the Android devices and their operating systems are already equipped for this kind of technology. However since a big part of their community are iPhone users, it probably won’t be too long until they release the 3D motion-tracking feature for iOS as well.

How does the Snapchat feature work?

For all of the Android users among you, here’s a little guide how to make use of the great new feature:

  1. Take a video on Snapchat by holding down the center button of the app.
  2. Afterwards select a sticker from the menu in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. After having selected a sticker simply drag it to the object in the video that you want it to be on.
  4. To make it stick on the object long-press the sticker and it should follow your moving object in the video.

How did Snapchat build the 3D motion-tracking feature?

The company didn’t give away how they built their new feature but as we’ve already mentioned, some of the people they’ve recently hired already have great experience in the field of augmented reality. By using machine vision to recognize certain objects in the recorded videos, Snapchat can track these objects while they move and keep the stickers on the moving objects at the same time.

With its animated lens and now the 3D motion-tracking feature Snapchat is showing its users how much can be done with a video app. While Facebook is still trying to catch up with these recent developments, Snapchat is probably already on to the next innovation pushing their user’s creativity to a new level.

Oh and just if you’re wondering if this Snapchat thing really works and how regularly its consumers are using it : recent numbers show that Snapchat users are watching 10 Billion videos per day!

Happy Snapping everyone!


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Source header photo: © John Sonderman