Project Description

How Mobile Scanning Helps “The Sun” to Reward Loyal Readers

The Sun is the most popular newspaper in the United Kingdom, with a total audience of over 33 million readers. The paper has a loyal following, who love its coverage of politics, sports, entertainment and much more. The Sun also has a strong connection with its readers through promotions and loyalty rewards. These include cash prizes, event tickets and discounted holiday tickets.

The Vision

The Sun wanted to find an effective way to increase their loyalty membership while also providing their customers with a fun and efficient way to engage with promotions and contests. While regular promotional efforts had proved successful in the past, the amount of effort required for each event was always a tall order and demanded a lot from the staff. The Sun team wanted to find a way to improve the way in which their customers engaged with them, while also managing the way data was collected and handled, internally.

The Anyline Solution

Every day, the Sun prints unique codes on the Sun Savers page. With the Sun Savers app, readers simply use Anyline scanning to instantly collect the codes with their smartphones. The Sun Savers app also gives users exclusive access to special deals, including early access to holiday offers and tickets to theme parks – all by simply scanning their daily codes. Since its launch, Sun Savers has become extremely popular with readers, who have made entered over 63 million codes.

Without Anyline scanning, customers would need to visit the Sun Savers website to register and  enter the codes. However, manual data entry is time-consuming and can easily lead to errors. Scanning the codes directly through the Sun Savers app is not only more accurate, but 20x faster!

“With over a million members, the Sun Savers App is a hugely successful example of how companies can build brand loyalty with their customers. We are delighted that Anyline scanning is helping the Sun reward its loyal readership every day.”

– Anyline CEO Lukas Kinigadner

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