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A Toolbox To Help You Pitch OCR For Your Next Project


Not long ago we’ve published a blogpost about what Optical Character Recognition (OCR) even means. We also gave some examples of how to use AR as well as OCR for great campaigns. But just in case you still need a few tips to help pitch the great technology for your next OCR marketing project, we thought we’d help you out. The post is a fast read so don’t go making excuses. Just dive right in!

This blogpost should

  • Provide you with hard facts about OCR
  • Give you a confidence boost to help you get your colleagues or clients on board
  • Give you a powerful OCR tool which leaves no doubt about the usefulness of the technology


Hard facts about OCR

For you to be confident enough to pitch a great technology to colleagues or clients you need to know some hard facts about what you are trying to sell them. Here are three very good details about optical character recognition that you should definitely mention in your meeting.

  • OCR is a state-of-the-art technology.
    In a time where there are constantly new technologies emerging it is sometimes hard to decide for ourselves which ones are really thought out well. Even though OCR itself is not a new technology per se it has of course developed a lot. Today it is one of the technologies offering great potential for our future.
  • OCR is a tool to facilitate all kinds of processes.
    When talking about the potential for our future it is important to mention one of the main goals when making use of optical character recognition – facilitating processes. The technology should be used for every process where tedious typing or writing down of numbers and codes can be replaced by scanning. I will get to specific examples a little later.
  • The technology is constantly further developed and adapted.
    In order to meet the requirements of an every changing market and new emerging industries it is important to try and keep up with the nascent innovations. Anyline for example is currently improving its OCR SDK to adapt to specific needs.


Confidence boost for your OCR pitch

It is always hard to convince colleagues and especially clients of a great new idea if it is initially affiliated with greater expenses. No one wants to spend money on something they don’t really know or understand. We have no moneyWhen it comes to optical character recognition you maybe shouldn’t start by trying to explain a complex technology that has its price. When pitching your OCR marketing project you should rather start by giving specific examples or explaining typical use cases. Even though the list is quite long and you can let your imagination run free, we want to provide you with three specific examples of the technology’s usefulness for an OCR marketing project.

  • Scan codes for customer loyalty programs.
    Of course loyalty programs have been making use of codes printed on products for a long time. Some brands have been more imaginative and successful with their campaigns than others. To stand out from other companies though you should make use of OCR for your next loyalty program. Tediously typing in the codes will then be a thing of the past.
  • Use code scanning for marketing campaigns.
    The same goes for marketing campaigns in general. If you use one specific piece of information for your campaign you will easier engage your customers. If you add something as cool as optical character recognition to the project they will be wowed.
  • Scan voucher codes from gift cards.
    With the holiday season coming up and the possibility of getting one or another gift card it is great to know that you can skip the annoying part where you have to type in the voucher code. Simply let your customers scan the numbers and letters on your gift card and therefore make their shopping experience even better.


Give them a small foretaste of OCR

OCR marketing projectAs I said I want to make this as easy as possible for you. Now that I have provided you with a few examples I have one more ace up my sleeve for you to get started. We’ve developed a demo app that showcases various different use cases of OCR. Ranging from bottle cap or voucher code scanning to recognizing Scrabble tiles, the app offers you a great insight on how the technology can be used in everyday life. Download the app for free, try it out yourself and then definitely bring it to your next pitch! You colleagues or clients will love the fact that they can instantly test it and see how it works!


If you have questions, suggestions or feedback on this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via FacebookTwitter or simply via [email protected]! Cheers!