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Upcoming Wearable Technology Conferences


On one hand smart glasses and wearable technology is notorious for being bulky and unpleasant to wear, on the other hand it is revolutionizing the industrial sector. Their features are constantly being improved so they can be used by companies to better facilitate work processes. Innovations range from sensors in clothing, to smartwatches and glasses. Smart glasses are essential to ensuring that augmented reality experiences can be efficient and hands-free work – no more pausing the work process to look down to a piece of paper with instructions on it. Smart glasses are evolving rapidly so business cases and possible implementations have to advance as well. This is why the industry offers several events related to the field of augmented reality.

Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit East (EWTS EAST)

The Enterprise Wearable Technology Summit East, taking place from the 16th-17th of June in Atlanta, Georgia, will be focusing on all the opportunities and challenges the process of implementing wearables in the workplace can bring. Companies from industries such as manufacturing, construction, oil and gas or shipping and logistics for example will be attending. Collectively they all have the same goal in common which is to use wearable technology to be more innovative and to increase the efficiency of their work processes.

EWTS EAST doesn’t only want vendors to demo their newest innovations, but they also want to focus on real life case studies. That is why companies are being asked to share stories of their experiences with projects and production implementations. This will mean that all participants have the opportunity to compare their insights and together come up with better practices.

Augmented World Expo (AWE)

The Augmented World Expo is going to take place from 1st -2nd of June in Santa Clara, California.
Based on the slogan “super powers to the people”, AWE is the largest event dedicated to AR, VR and wearable technology. Developers and designers will mingle with CEOs, CTOs and investors. Workshops, talks and opportunities to test the latest innovations of the AR, VR and wearables sector should inspire and encourage companies to dive into this fascinating industry.

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