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Win Two Tickets to WeAreDevelopers 2018

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WeAreDevelopers has quickly become the biggest event for developers from around Austria and its neighbouring countries in the last few years. The WeAreDevelopers Conference takes place in Vienna once a year and provides thousands of developers with the latest insights. The Anyline team has had a great time there in previous years and we hope for the same in 2018.

However, this year is slightly different. We always look forward to meeting developers at WeAreDevelopers but it’s not always easy to come across tickets. That’s why we’re happy to announce that we have two tickets to give away for this year’s event.

Come join us for our Computer Vision Meetup on April 25th for your chance to win. That’s right! Just show up at Anyline HQ, Die Manege, Zirkusgasse 13/2B and you can win two free tickets to WeAreDevelopers 2018 on May 16 – 18.

Plus, you can get a 15% discount on WeAreDevelopers tickets when you use the code “AnnoyedToTypeThatIn15”. This means you can save more than €60 on tickets. We’d like to say a big thanks to the good folks at WeAreDevelopers for partnering with us on this amazing offer. But be quick, this only lasts for the first 100 customers!

The Computer Vision Meetup

The Computer Vision Meetup is a regular event held at Anyline HQ. It features speakers and experts on a range of computer vision topics and we happily sponsor free drinks and snacks for the evening. Join us from 19:00 at Zirkusgasse 13/2b on April 25 to hear some great talks and win WeAreDevelopers tickets. You can see all event details here!

What You Can Expect at WeAreDevelopers

If you’re not sure if you want to win the tickets, take a look at some of the talks that are planned for this year. You’re bound to find something that piques your interest!

From zero to VR hero: WebVR 101

By Martin Splitt from Archilogic

In this talk I will walk the audience through VR beyond the hype and how to get started efficiently and quickly.

For that we will cover:

  • What are practical VR use cases (beyond entertainment)
  • What does the VR market look like in terms of hardware, sales, etc.
  • What are limitations and challenges of the VR workflow
  • What is WebXR and how does it work
  • A working example with A-Frame
  • UX challenges
  • Outlook to “beyond VR”

Building multiplayer VR web apps

By Srushtika Neelakantam from Ably Realtime

Virtual Reality can serve as a solution to a wide array of interesting applications today. However, learning the tech stack for it’s implementation is increasingly becoming a challenge for web developers. What if we could do some reverse engineering and build VR using just HTML with a chunk of JS !? Of course adding a realtime functionality with multi user capability to this recipe would only make it more delectable ! This talk will walk the audience through WebVR and what makes it different from regular VR. Further, it will introduce the A-Frame web framework that makes building VR apps terribly easy. All this powered by Ably’s realtime platform is more than enough to be able to easily build multi-user VR web apps in just a few minutes.

Real-World Machine Learning with TensorFlow and Cloud ML

By Kaz Sato from Google

TensorFlow, the open source library for machine learning from Google, has been democratizing the world of machine intelligence since its launch in 2015. With TensorFlow, combined with the scalability of Google’s Cloud Machine Learning Engine, now anyone can leverage deep learning technology at low cost and without much expertise. We will explore examples of business that have adopted TensorFlow and Cloud ML to solve their real-world problems: a cucumber farmer in Japan who was able to build a deep learning-based cucumber sorter by himself, a used car auction service using TF for classifying car models and parts, and a food manufacturer that has been able to increase productivity significantly in their baby food factory.

Intelligent Machines – Are Machines Better Than Humans

By Hermann Hauser from I.E.C.T – Hermann Hauser

Comparing today’s possibilities in terms of computer performance to human capabilities it is hard to say no. Dr. Hermann Hauser explains how computer systems outperform the human body and brain in several ways, but (lucky for us) not always. Comprehending which areas are effected and how we can co-evolve with intelligent machines is the aim of this talk.

Reshaping our minds and lives – how you build and prepare the coming human/AI partnership

By Lassi Kurkijärvi from Solita

Developers and digital business leaders are at the forefront of designing the humanity of the future. “We shape our tools, but thereafter our tools shape us”, said Marshall McLuhan, the media theoretician who predicted both Google and Facebook. With machine intelligence set to alter the way the world interacts with us and how we interact with our institutions, the job of writing code and algorithms becomes a moral act – the first cases of bias in machine learning form just the tip of the iceberg. How will you face up to the challenge of reshaping our minds and lives? My belief echoes Kasparov’s Law: a human plus a machine will beat a super-computer quite handily. It’s all about interface, it’s about empowering machines with our creativity.

“Building Cooperate Chatbots with Open Source Technology”

By Gregor Jarish from DIFFER.CHAT, E.D.D.I

Introduction into the Open Source Framework “E.D.D.I”, that has been developed for creating and maintaining multiple Chatbot-Products in a Cooperate Environment. This talk will cover the architecture, how it can be used and how it has been used, based on an example with the Norwegian Company “”.

The Road to Artificial General Intelligence

By Eric Steinberger from TU Vienna

Deep Learning is everywhere these days! To understand how machines learn, what AI is capable of and how to use it effectively, some theoretical background is absolutely mandatory. As an introduction, let me show you how the black-box we call Neural Network looks from the inside and how typical problems that are solved with Deep Learning look like. More specifically, we will look at an architecture called Multi-Layer Perceptron requiring no prior knowledge of the field – just basic math abilities. Right now, many problems of various industries can be solved or augmented by machine learning, but artificial intelligence is by far not as smart as human intelligence. Abstract learning in complex domains, algorithmic generality, data efficiency and skill transfer are major features of human intelligence that are lacking in AI. The main part of the presentation will cover what AI can’t do yet and why it is important to research into these capabilities. I plan for an 8-10 minute Q&A session at the end.

AI Design Process

By Catalina Butnaru from City AI London

54% of failed AI projects are attributed to poor user adoption. What if AI projects tackled technophobic attitudes from the very beginning? 60% of stakeholders looking to apply AI in enterprise projects are concerned about ethical and privacy implications. What if developers used a simple Trello board to check off all ethical concerns pertaining to their project, before it reaches the market? That’s what Humans in AI is – a practical, easy to implement work framework that helps companies account for ethical considerations, user adoption and job augmentation before deploying AI in a real environment. The costs attributed to poor end-user adoption are decreased, and the risks of deploying AI-driven systems that do not comply with globally accepted ethical frameworks are averted.

And More…

These are our favourite picks but there’s a bunch of awesome talks planned for this year’s event. For the full program of speakers, check out the WeAreDevelopers website.

Anyline at WeAreDevelopers

The Anyline team will be at the event as well. You can meet them to learn more about mobile OCR or find out what it’s like to work at Anyline. Our CTO, Daniel Albertini, will be there on the day and can answer any questions you have about mobile scanning!


If you have questions, suggestions or feedback on this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via FacebookTwitter or simply via [email protected]! Cheers!


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