Project Description

Why is Anyline Unique?

Blowing one’s own trumpet normally isn’t something one should do. But when you have a great product that offers various benefits you shouldn’t hide it either. We have an amazing technology, some even might say one of the best OCR SDKs out there. ;) But what does that even mean? Why is Anyline so unique? Just in case you want a quick refresher, have a look at what OCR even means and how it works.

Other OCR Engines

We’ve already provided you with great comparisons to other Optical Character Recognition engines and softwares like Tesseract or Abbyy. So I’ll just give you a quick reminder on the topic. The open source OCR engine Tesseract has been THE OCR solution for a very long time. Simply because there weren’t a lot of great alternatives at the time. A big difference to the Anyline OCR SDK is Tesseract’s need to pre-process the images, as well as great difficulties to implement it in mobile for example. Not only did Anyline specialize in developing a mobile OCR SDK, also the image-preprocessing is automated. We also offer an amazing font training tool called Train Your Tesseract. It is the perfect solution for everyone who doesn’t want to put much time and effort in training a font file for Tesseract.

Amazing Anyline Features

User Interface Configuration

Customizable OCR

The Anyline SDK enables developers without a deep understanding in computer vision to adjust the UI in a suitable way for every specific use case. Get started with the preset configurations and go from there to embed your solution into your mobile app!

Offline scanning

Unlike other mobile OCR providers, Anyline doesn’t need a server connection to be able to process the images. It works offline and in real time, directly on your smartphone!

Cross-platform support

Because Anyline runs on a C++ core, it’s easy to integrate the SDK in all major mobile platforms. Currently Anyline runs on Android, iOS and in specific cases Windows Phone. There are also Cordova and Xamarin Plugins available!

Real-time recognition

When scanning with Anyline it gives you instant feedback. This is because our OCR SDK does not only take one picture of the object in focus but a video stream. It then processes and extracts information which is transformed into digital output.

Anyline’s Benefits

For Developers


All the above mentioned features of Anyline should already be very convincing for a developer who has to choose between different OCR SDKs. The easy customization, the availability on different platforms and the lightening-fast text recognition are all important parameters in the decision process. Even without having a lot of computer vision knowledge you can build a mobile app with the best OCR SDK integrated.

For Agencies


As a digital agency you need to be up to date when it comes to making use of innovative solutions and technologies. If you run up against competitors you always need to be one step ahead. Anyline offers a state-of-the-art technology that is applicable in various industries. Becoming a partner of Anyline would be a win-win situation for you and your customer. Your customer gets to integrate an amazing technology which will definitely improve his app and you enjoy benefits as a partner of Anyline.

For Brands


You have a great product and a strong brand but are not sure how to transfer it to the digital world? Offer your customers to redeem voucher codes from your product by simply scanning them with their smartphone. That way you will connect your analog product and brand with the offline world. Integrating Anyline’s OCR SDK into your mobile app will reward you with more customer engagement.

For Enterprises


You are a big enterprise and want to save money? What better way to do so than by automating your company’s processes? Think of any small and repetitive task your workers have to do on a daily basis that involve typing any kind of numbers or letters. Can you facilitate them by letting them use a smartphone that can simply scan those characters? Yes you definitely can! Also you won’t need to buy expensive hardware. You can simply invest in common smartphones.

After giving you a short overview of the most important advantages and features Anyline offers, I am sure you want to try it out yourself. ;) So go ahead and download the SDK for FREE!


If you have questions, suggestions or feedback on this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via FacebookTwitter or simply via [email protected]! Cheers!