Project Description


10 years leading Austrian discount mobile service provider | part of Telekom Austria Group since 2013 | 200.000 top-up card users per month


Starting Point

Typing long codes is tedious

As the leading discount mobile service provider in Austria, yesss! has a long lasting experience with top-up cards and knows that sometimes typing in the code can be troublesome. How to take the process of recharging the mobile’s credit to the next level into the world of digitalization? How to make the process easy for everyone?


Boost functionality of the app & make it more attractive for customers

yesss! had the goal of broadening the range of possibilities to recharge mobile’s credit for customers. The claim was to make it quick & easy. It should also be simple to access for everybody at every moment. Of course, a modern solution should be provided to engage customers in using the yesss! app efficiently with a new state-of-the-art technology.


Have the app read the code for you

yesss! decided to integrate a new function into their B2C app using Anyline. Customers are now able to scan their top-up code in a simple and easy way. There is a real alternative to tedious typing now. The app reads the code. This makes it easy, safe, and quick to recharge mobile credit. Customers are offered an additional tool to make sure not to run out of credit.

Additionally, Anyline turns the app into an essential everyday companion that strongly engages every single customer into the yesss! world.