Case Study: Red Bull MOBILE Collect


Together with Red Bull MOBILE we started the project and our developers wrote a code within a few days to scan the eight digit code. The agency implemented our SDK into a state of the art application, which totally fits to the Red Bull lifestyle. About 8 months and a lot of working hours later the application was ready for trial.

Case Study: FoodNotify Barcode Scanner


FoodNotify is a Viennese startup which enables cooks in restaurants to scan the barcodes of the ingredients they are using with an app to simplify the identification of allergens in their dishes.

Case Study: mySugr Importer


mySugr is a diabetes service company that was founded in Vienna in 2012. Their apps and web services work in a way that eases the daily therapy routines and supports people with diabetes in their dealings with it. For example they offer a Diabetes Logbook or a Junior Logbook app for kids who have diabetes as well as the mySugr Importer that makes the data transfer from blood sugar meters easier than ever. In short, they make diabetes suck less!