How to Train Your Tensorflow


Train Your Tensorflow is here and it let's you adopt a machine learning approach to training fonts for your mobile OCR processes. Check out all the details now and find out more about this powerful new tool!

How to Consume Tensorflow in .NET


In this blogpost we’ll talk about TensorFlow from the point of view of software engineers. We want to share our experience and give you a short guide to help you building the libraries from source and using them in your own .NET application. Brace yourselves – it’s going to get techy!

5 key takeaways from the WeAreDevelopers Conference


Two weeks ago the WeAreDevelopers Conference took place in our hometown Vienna. More than 3000 Developers joined the conference to hear talks From Joel Spolsky, CEO of Stack Overflow and CoFounder of Trello, Håkon Wium Lie, inventor of CSS and Rasmus Lerdorf, inventor of PHP, to name only 3 out of >70 speakers!

Introduction to Graph Theory – Part 1


In today's blog post we will take a look at graphs - how and why they were invented, what they actually are, and what are their applications. Even though it is basically mathematics, and not so many people like mathematics :D , I will do my best not to go too deep into the mathematical part, and rather try to explain it on simple examples.

How we simplified OCR Parameters


Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, is a complex topic. It consists of many different parts such as preprocessing of the image, font training, and most of all testing and developing.

Machine Learning for Newbies


In recent years there has been a huge uprise and general interest in Machine Learning and Deep Learning. You could say these technologies have almost become mainstream by now. The term “machine learning” (ml) was first defined in 1959 as “the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed”.

Multi Frame Integration for OCR


Reflection and bad lighting conditions can be a big issue when your are performing OCR on a document. You are tediously trying to find a proper angle permitting the retrieval of all the relevant information at once. Even if you’re able to scan the document, the result could be poor or incomplete. Looking at more than a single frame and integrate the redundant information of multiple frames can enhance your OCR experience.

Xamarin! C# meets Android & iOS


I've been longing to write about this topic for quite a while now, so todays blog post will be my first blog post about Xamarin! Many of you probably have already heard of Xamarin, some of you are probably using it already - and those who do, know the struggle, but also the glory of it! :)

Mobile Development in .NET – Part 1 of -2147483648


I've been porting our Anyline SDK from Android/iOS to Xamarin and Windows Phone for the past months and it has been quite a journey so far. While still working on the Windows Phone release, I can definitly say that I've come a long way and I'm going to share my experience with you.

Will smart glasses surpass smartphones?


Given our efforts to technologically update all our features, which enable a better cooperation with our AR partner Wikitude and our efforts to work on solutions for smart glasses providers and potential customers like Epson, we’d like to give you an update on the best smart glasses of 2016 until now.

Monthly Computer Vision Meetup Roundup #3


We started into the new year with a new edition of our Computer Vision Get-togethers! We're very excited about all the talks, discussions and try-out workshops in 2016 and we'll do our best do keep improving our meetups so you'll get the best out of it. Hopefully many of you will join us along the ride and be part of our community!

AndroidHeads meet Anyline


Two weeks ago we had the honor of hosting the monthly AndroidHeads meetup in our cool new office space “Die Manege”. Not only did we have about 15 very interested Android developers in our office, we also had the opportunity to introduce Anyline and give a talk ourselves.

Anyline SDK 3.5 “Brotzeit” Release Notes


We kicked off Q2 by trying to understand the users in all steps of their contact with the SDK. “We’re improving reporting options in order to find out more about how our users scan outside the Anyline office”, Matthias Gasser reports. To make our releases and sprints even more fun, our development team decided to give our releases – let me say – random but inspiring names ?

Anyline SDK 3.6 “EURO 2016” Release Notes


Fully focused on the UEFA Euro 2016 (also known as EM 2016, if you’re still not happy with the outcome and supporting our German neighbors), we tried to inject the same kind of excitement and fan base into our own SDK 3.6 release, by aligning the theme and therefore naming. Surprisingly the excited fans kept being excited fans of their respective teams, and in the evenings time spent on developing was usually kept short by 2 x 45 minutes.

First Viennese Computer Vision Meetup Roundup


Last Tuesday the first Viennese Computer Vision Meetup took place at our office “Die Manege”. Due to the fact that there is a great potential concerning that specific field in Vienna, the idea is to host this meetup once a month and establish a network, focused on Computer Vision topics, idea exchange and joint brainstorming.

Monthly Computer Vision Roundup #2 2017


Welcome back to our Computer Vision Roundups, our February Meetup was an almost-February-Meetup, taking place on March 1st. Good thing all of you got the memo - we were delighted to have started the year with so many more members in our Computer Vision Group on and more new faces at our regular meetups!



End of April we hosted the 6ᵗʰ Computer Vision Meetup in our office “Die Manege”. We had the honour that one of our most seen member of the meetup Dr. Gayane Shalunts presented her PhD thesis about “Classification of the architectural style of a Romanesque, Gothic or Baroque building facade through a Computer Vision Tool”.

Samsung files smart contact lens patent


We’ve recently given you a list of smart glasses that are currently on the market and we’ve talked about the trend of lighter and more wearable ones. But what if you don’t even have to wear smart glasses to get the full augmented reality experience, what if you could simply wear contact lenses? Samsung could make that possible!

Monthly Computer Vision Meetup Roundup #8


This time people gathered at the shared office "Die Manege" for a very Microsoft focused meetup! We had the pleasure to welcome Microsoft Tech Evangelist Rina Ahmed for a very informative talk about all kinds of Cognitive Services APIs her company offers. Afterwards we jumped to the Microsoft HoloLens, started with an intro to the technical specifications and in how to develop on the HoloLens. The highlight was kept until the end: A live demo and the hands-on try out for all attendees!

Computer Vision Meetup 1st Anniversary


We did it! We've finished our first year as founders and hosts of the first Computer Vision Meetup in Vienna! A year ago we thought it couldn’t be that hard to host a meetup because all you need for it is already there - or almost there: a good location, interesting people, thrilling talks, great marketing and free drinks.