Global Blue Makes Tax Free Shopping a Breeze with Mobile ID Scanning

Global Blue Makes Tax Free Shopping a Breeze with Mobile ID Scanning

Global Blue lets tourists shop tax-free in over 300,000 stores around the world, with a customer base of over 23 million travelers. They do this by gathering shoppers’ personal information from their passport & credit card in store, and provides the Tax Free Form that’s needed to claim back VAT on purchases when they leave the country.

To keep ahead of the curve, Global Blue launched IC2, a new generation of in-store tax free solutions – and a key part of this was IC2 Mobile, their new mobile application.

Find out how Anyline helped Global Blue enhance their customer experience with seamless ID data capture!

The Vision

When a traveler wants to shop tax-free, they need to complete a Tax-Free Form. This includes their personal details, credit card information, the details of the purchase, and the amount spent.

Previously, Global Blue used stationary scanners to collect this information, but with IC2, they wanted a faster, more convenient, and user-friendly way. The vision was to find the best technology that would allow mobile devices to accomplish what stationary devices did before.

The Anyline Solution

Global Blue decided to integrate Anyline ID scanning into their IC2 Mobile app. This lets the sales staff instantly capture all the details from a traveler’s passport or national ID by using the camera included in their mobile device.

Anyline scans the documents, reads them and is able to automatically complete the Tax-Free Form using the provided data. This process means that staff can avoid tedious and error-prone handwriting or typing.

Before, filling out Tax-Free Forms could take minutes, delaying both the customer and sales assistant. Now, the entire process is complete in seconds! That means both saved time and a significantly improved customer experience.

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“Typing passport information is time consuming and more likely to be subject to mistakes. By integrating Anyline into our software solutions, we made life easier to our customers. Scanning passport & ID information on tablets and smartphones is definitely the best solution: direct, simple & safe!”

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