Happy Porto Introduces Mobile Check-In from Anyline

Happy Porto Hostel & Apartments is a property based in the heart of Porto Northern Portugal. As a budget-friendly property, Happy Porto aims to provide the best possible experience for guests visiting the city, while also keeping their operational processes streamlined.

But Happy Porto faced a common challenge for accommodation providers: how to check in new guests smoothly and without delay. As in many countries, hotels and accommodation providers in Portugal have to share guest registration information with local authorities. During busy times when many guests can arrive at the same time, handling this paperwork manually can cause longer waiting times at the front desk.

How mobile ID scanning reduces friction in KYC and contactless processes

Happy Porto’s Vision

Owner and General Manager, Paulo knew that traditional check-in procedures were not ideal for his business, his staff, and his guests. And as an avid and experienced technology advocate, he wanted to find a solution to streamline this complex and sometimes stressful situation.
The first challenge was the collection of guest data at check-in. Traditional processes were not only slow and time-consuming for his staff, but they were very limiting for arriving guests. Knowing his challenges and main pain point, Paulo identified mobile ID scanning as the ideal solution for Happy Porto.

The second challenge was to ensure the proposed solution was both simple and safe for customers. Happy Porto needed to find a smartphone-friendly solution that not only scanned passports and ID documents quickly and accurately but also did so in the most secure way, keeping guests’ data private and secure at all times.

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The Anyline Solution

For Happy Porto, the Anyline Passport and ID solution out-performed all of the options that were available on the market. The combination of speed, accuracy, and data security gave them the confidence that this solution, integrated within their PMS system, would not only solve the current check-in challenges but also open up the opportunity for better guest services.

Now, when guests arrive at the Happy Porto reception area, staff are able to use mobile devices to scan the ID documents and passports. In this way, they remove the limitations of a front desk and eliminate any waiting in line. This relaxed process means guests have a more relaxing and welcoming experience. And creating a great first impression at check-in also increases the likelihood of a repeat visit.

Additionally, the quality of the data being collected via mobile ID and passport scanning has greatly improved. Before, hostel staff had to type in all the guest information manually, which would sometimes lead to mistakes. With the accuracy of Anyline scanning, mistakes are removed completely, saving staff resources, and enabling them to spend more time doing what they do best, providing the best guest experience for travelers!

“More than ever before, guests want and demand great customer service. Anyline has helped us tremendously now that we can provide contactless scanning for passports and ID documents at check-in. Aside from being a very innovative solution, the guests and staff are really enjoying the technology and the advantages it brings, enabling them to check guests in 75% faster than before.

Our confidence in the ability of the Anyline solution is very high. During our research in finding the right solution, we tested 30 different options, and Anyline was the top choice for us in providing this contactless guest check-in solution.”