How the Huemer Group enables membership registrations in seconds with mobile scanning

The Huemer Group is an independent Austrian IT infrastructure and data center service provider. Their service portfolio covers the entire IT value chain, and for more than 25 years, the firm has supported organizations in implementing their visions of digital transformation.

Huemer Group’s Vision

Today, many clubs, associations, and political parties face challenges when it comes to recruitment and retention. With the rapidly changing media landscape and the huge increase in the volume and speed of information online, new and potential members expect much more when it comes to the digital services provided by their associations.

Younger demographics in particular want to be able to access their membership services and benefits through apps on their smartphones. To combat membership decline and resource bottlenecks, the Huemer Group creates solutions for these groups to enhance their digital resources and offerings to remain relevant and attractive to new members.

Recently, the Huemer Group created a customer-facing app for member registration and community engagement. The goal of the app was 1) to make membership registration easy and fast, and 2) to create a communication tool between the organization and its members.

The Solution

To create a simple and seamless registration process, the Huemer Group approached Anyline to integrate optical character recognition (OCR) into the app. This technology enables the new member to scan their identity document, such as a passport, ID or driver’s license, as well as an ATM card, with their phone camera. When scanned, the data can be auto-filled into the system, completing the registration in seconds. And thanks to Anyline’s ISO/IEC 27001 certification, data privacy is managed at the highest levels.

In practice, the new application makes registration incomparably faster, while also giving new members the ability to complete the process from any location, rather than having to visit an office. What’s more, it’s even possible for existing members to recruit new members directly in the app and to register them quickly. This makes the registration process for new members easier than ever before.

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“We were particularly convinced by the speed and simplicity of Anyline’s OCR technology. The process is the ideal complement for our app. Scanning in the course of registration both simplifies and significantly speeds up the process. We can make the registration of new employees as easy as possible for organizations!”

“Bringing mobile data capture and ID scanning to this project with Huemer Group, and seeing such strong results, has been fantastic. It is partners like this that are facilitating change in how these basic processes are done, making membership registration much more inviting and engaging, and we are proud to work with such a proactive organization.”