How Landskron Launched a Rebranding Campaign with Mobile OCR

How Landskron Launched a Rebranding Campaign with Mobile OCR

Landskron’s Digital Relaunch

Landskron Brewery, Pixelflush, and Anyline collaborated to launch the new Landskron customer loyalty program via mobile app. The Landskron Brewery is one of the major German beer brewers since 1869. It’s one of the last breweries applying the open fermentation procedure ensuring high-quality standards.

The marketing action was part of a broader digital rebranding, aimed at keeping up with today’s innovation standards. Both the design and technical part of the digital rebranding was developed by Pixelflush. They’re professional developers of scalable APIs for mobile apps. Pixelflush worked in close collaboration with the Landskron marketing team for this rebranding campaign.

Maximizing Customer Engagement

The big question that all customer loyalty programs need to answer is how to maximize customer engagement. In this case, Landskron needed to motivate beer enthusiasts to collect codes printed on the inside of bottle caps.

The traditional approach is to set-up a webpage or an app where the codes can be typed in. However, Pixelflush found a solution that matched the ambition of launching a modern digital brand image for Landskron: mobile OCR.

Mobile OCR provides a number of innovative features when compared to a webpage, such as:

  • code scanning is simple and gives you immediate results for winning codes
  • safe digital transmission of the collected data to a central platform for storage
  • interactive and fun app feature that saves time for every app user


Mobile Scanning Solution

Pixelflush chose to integrate the Anyline technology for various reasons. The biggest selling point was the fact that Anyline supports React Native. This lets you develop for iOS and Android at the same time. The app was quickly set up and the Anyline integration was quick and easy.

Another advantage of the Anyline SDK is that it works offline. The app user is able to scan without worrying about his connectivity.

Sucessful Loyalty Program via Mobile OCR App

Results of the Landskron Rebranding Campaign

Anyline would like to congratulate Landskron Brewery and Pixelflush for this so far successful rebranding campaign.

Despite the fact that the campaign’s deadline was close, the results have been highly positive: there was a large number of downloads and over 18% participation rate. This was much more than expected.

The scanning process worked particularly well and was well appreciated by the app users: easy scan, no mistakes or time loss from typing, immediate scan results.

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“We at Pixelflush chose Anyline as an innovative partner for the development of the Landskron Brewery app. The fact that Anyline supports React Native made it particularly easy for us to develop our app for both Android and iOS simultaneously. This was a great advantage! The marketing campaign turned out to be a great success and we are very glad to have chosen the right business partner for it.”


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