How mySugr Improves Diabetes Therapy with Mobile Scanning

How mySugr Improves Diabetes Therapy with Mobile Scanning

mySugr is a diabetes service company that was founded in Vienna in 2012. Their apps and web services work in a way that eases the daily therapy routines and supports people with diabetes in their dealings with it. For example, they offer a Diabetes Logbook and a Junior Logbook app for kids who have diabetes as well as the mySugr Importer that makes the data transfer from blood sugar meters easier than ever. In short, they make diabetes suck less!

Ease the Daily Therapy Routine of People with Diabetes

We met the team from mySugr a few years back when all of us were still working at the co-working space “Sektor5”. The vision of mySugr was fairly simple: they wanted to ease the daily therapy routines of people with diabetes. They had one problem though. They couldn’t find a way to transfer the data from the different kinds of blood sugar meters to the logbook. They wanted to optimize the whole process of people with diabetes having to type in their blood sugar levels several times a day. That’s where Anyline came in – “scan the displays” was our answer to their problem.

With the Anyline SDK, it was made possible to scan the 7 segment displays of lots of different kinds of blood sugar meters, extract the important information (the blood sugar levels) and import them into the mySugr Diabetes Logbook. Since all of these numbers and digits actually are medical data, we need to be very precise and accurate and our detection rate needs to be very high.

How mySugr Improves Diabetes Therapy with Mobile Scanning

A New Way to Ease & Improve Diabetes Routines

After working at sektor5 for a while it was time for the next step, so we moved out and into our own office. We didn’t do it alone though – we decided to move in with the mySugr team. So not only did we build up a partnership with them, but we also kept working in the same office space, which at times actually felt like living together.

With that came a lot of new possibilities and also advantages. The communication had been made a lot easier and you could always just walk over to each other’s offices and quickly discuss a topic for example. So with all these positive prerequisites and the great cooperation with the mySugr team, we built the mySugr Importer, which went live in June 2014. Since then, lots of people downloaded it and are actively using it to simplify their daily therapy routines.

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“With the Anyline technology, blood sugar meters, without any kind of connectivity are brought to the 21st century. The access to and the use of the medical data is made extremely easy for our users”

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