Taking the Bite out of Vehicle Inventory Management with the Piranha Application and VIN Scanning.

Over the past years, yoozoo GmbH has made the automotive industry its primary focus, enabling dealerships to expand their e-commerce operations to entirely new markets. This focus gave way to a new and cutting-edge application, creatively named “octopus.tools”. This new platform has enabled the creation of a variety of other applications, all designed to take the manual work out of the automotive and dealership industry by simplifying and standardizing imagery for the e-commerce platforms and vehicle inventory management.

Their latest application, Piranha, does just that by helping the user to take standardized photos of the vehicle using a VR display, connecting it to that vehicle via a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) scanning feature.

Parking Lot management with Scanning Technology

yoozoo's Vision

The Piranha mobile application was designed to be the perfect tool for every automotive dealership. It does this by standardizing the time-consuming task of photographing and cataloging each vehicle in the inventory so they can be displayed and promoted on the company’s e-commerce site. Normally, this process is time consuming because the user needs to take identical photos of the vehicle, which often leads to errors.

yoozoo wanted to automate and streamline these tasks to make the overall process easier and consistent, no matter the size of the dealership or the number of vehicles on the lot.

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The Anyline Solution for Vehicle Inventory Management

In order to standardize the photos being taken, yoozoo integrated a VR solution in the Pirahna application, allowing the user to line up the photos consistently from vehicle to vehicle. This allowed the entire dealership to showcase each vehicle from the same perspective and from the same angles, encouraging more user engagement and ultimately generating more e-commerce inquiries.

When it came to the complex task of assigning the captured photos to each vehicle – a task that would normally involve cataloging each photo by hand – the Piranha app simply assigns the photos taken via the unique VIN number. By integrating the Anyline VIN scanner into the Piranha application, this process is made significantly easier and more accurate, all with a simple scan from the user’s mobile device.