Developing Customized AI Solutions with IBM Cloud & OpenShift

Businesses aiming to digitally transform their processes face the challenge of bridging the gap between their analog and digital data. The Vienna-based tech company Anyline works to solve this problem by developing optical character recognition (OCR) solutions.

Using a smartphone, tablet, or embedded camera, Anyline clients can scan and digitize vital information such as IDs, utility meters, and even vehicle tire numbers with high accuracy. Now, the company aims to improve its own process for creating new scanning solutions, with the help of IBM Cloud.

Learn more about:

  • How Anyline is developing a ‘Trainer’ platform to automate their process for creating customized OCR solutions;
  • How Anyline is using Red Hat OpenShift Services on IBM Cloud to achieve this, and:
  • How the company plans to incorporate ‘dynamic machine learning’ into the Trainer to enable live accuracy improvements supported by IBM Watson Technology

Join the webcast December 10, 2020 at 3:00pm CET, 2:00pm UK Time, 9:00am EST 

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