Anyline to be part of Deep Analysis' 2021 Innovation Index


We are happy to announce that Anyline has been chosen to be part of Deep Analysis’ 2021 Innovation Index.

Deep Analysis reviewed more than 150 briefings from companies ranging from multi-billion-dollar mega-vendors to early-stage start-ups operating in Cognitive Capture or Blockchains.

These companies were judged on their abilities to:

  • Solve difficult, costly, or complex problems,
  • Apply ingenuity in order to meet existing requirements, unarticulated needs, or new needs,
  • Add value,
  • Show flexibility between different needs and environments.

Anyline can be proud to have made the cut and to join their Innovation Index, which rewards innovative and exciting technology that pushes Cognitive Capture further. A spot on the index is the acknowledgment that Anyline is working at the cutting edge of the enterprise software sector.

“Capture technology has long relied on optimal conditions to work well: lighting, perspective, black text on a white background, etc. Anyline is an innovator in reframing this paradigm and designing a capture system that can work in far-from-optimal conditions, offering a great deal of potential to unlock new markets and use cases.”

“We are delighted to be part of Deep Analysis’ 2021 Innovation Index. We take this award as a sign of recognition that Anyline is going in the right direction when it comes to a complete, adaptive and effective OCR solution. I would also like to thank Alan Pelz-Sharpe for our previous exchanges this year leading to this award.”

Deep Analysis is an advisory firm that helps organizations understand and address the challenges of innovative and disruptive technologies in the enterprise software marketplace.


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