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Anyliners Share Their Proudest Moments of 2019


If you’ve followed us this year, you’ll know we’ve had enough releases, deals, announcements, and events to make your head spin!

So before we leave for well-deserved holidays around the world, a question went out on the company Slack channel:

“When you think back on 2019, what makes you most proud? And what is our greatest achievement?”

Here are the responses:

“Without a doubt, for me, it has to be our Anyline Trainer! I’m incredibly proud that we can start the year with an idea, announce it to the world in October, and already secure our first customers using it by Christmas!”

“That’s the magic of working in a truly agile team.”

“I am proud to be part of the Anyline team that faces the challenges of growth and tries its best to succeed. It’s a special feeling to be part of a team that is constantly working to improve as we grow into a leading, modern SaaS company.”

“Personally, I am proud that I am growing into my new position following my maternity leave.”

“Our Sales team made huge strides in 2019, and I’m very proud of how everyone has grown into their roles and responsibilities as we stepped up to a new level of business.”

“A personal highlight for me was securing our first African customer, Safaricom! It’s truly exciting to see our products being used by innovative companies around the world.”

“Having a year of huge growth is not without its stresses, and we have gone through some big changes. I am proud of how well we came together and found a balance between the old and new Anyline spirit!”

“We have kept our traditions alive; from our bi-monthly interactive Show & Tell meetings to team breakfasts, a raclette evening, and of course our ‘Anywine’ celebration! If we continue in this way, I’m sure we will be alright.”

“I’m also incredibly proud of our team’s work this year on the Platform. Watching everyone rally together to make our Vegas announcement a success in such a short period of time was really impressive.

It was also a proud moment to represent Anyline in my hometown of Cape Town at AfricaCom with Jakob and Georg!”

“I’m super proud of our whole team, and how we have developed and managed the changes that come with growth in 2019. I’m also proud of our leadership team, who have helped and supported us and each other throughout the year.

On a personal note, I’m proud to have closed a deal with co.met, a really innovative utility provider who has pioneered our web-based scanning!”

“I’m proud that we were able to enable NFC passport reading working on iOS – so we can offer an “uncheatable ID solution” on all devices.

On the subject of team events and traditions, I had a friend visiting from the US, and ended up bringing him to the office for after-work events two nights in a row! So either Anyline is a cool company or I’m an uncool host.”

“It’s been an exhilarating few months as a new Anyliner, and I’m proud to have joined a team that helped me to hit the ground running.

One experience I will certainly remember from this year was the incredibly positive reaction we got at AfricaCom in Cape Town, South Africa!”

“I am proud of the huge progress we have made with our qualification process. Today we’re in a position where almost 100% of qualified leads are taken on by our sellers, and we can see the hugely positive effect on our inbound revenue.

It’s been a year where we needed to be flexible to change, capable of grasping every opportunity, and willing to give 100% every day. And I couldn’t be prouder of how our team has achieved these.”

“I’ll remember 2019 as the year we really started to turn heads and grab the attention of the world. Some proud moments this year included our features in Forbes, Der Standard, the Süddeutsche Zeitung, and The Verdict, not to mention our amazing series of events at Anyline HQ!

None of these things come together without a great team, and I’m immensely proud of what we have achieved together this year.”

As we close out the year, we want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has helped us make 2019 the success it was!


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