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Project Description

How Clizzz enhanced Hotel Registration

1st mobile check-in provider for the SME Hotel Industry in Spain | In use since December 2016 throughout Spain | 160 licenses, over 400 properties

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Starting Point

Find a Way to Engage More Customers

Tourist accomodations in Spain have a legal duty to register the passport details of tourists on check-in. Guests usually must wait until the hotel staff has registered all the ID/passport details or has taken a scan or a photocopy of it. The scan process takes in average at least 5 minutes and then some more working hours are needed to send all check-in documents to the competent authorities. Clizzz’s mobile check-in app simplifies the entire check-in process, making it possible for the staff to register all data directly with a simple tool: a smartphone or a tablet.

But how to avoid the usual typing that is very often subject to spelling mistakes, especially when it comes to foreign names?


Quick and exact registration including a digital copy of the document

Clizzz was looking for a way to boost efficacy of their registration app easing the check-in process for tourist accommodations’ staff and managers. Making this process quick and uncomplicated would also make incoming guests begin their stay in a positive and relaxed way, avoiding language barriers or misunderstandings. At the same time: an opitmized way to reduce spelling mistakes would ensure high compliance with governmental law standards on the check-in registration process.


Clizzz & Anyline: One Intent, Multiple Advantages

Clizzz found the solution on how to optimize and digitalize the check-in registration process via app by integrating Anyline. In this case Anyline reads the MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) from the passport/ID provided by the hotels’ guests and turns it into useful digital output that is saved in the system. Anyline also automatically makes a copy of the document so no further equipment such as a copy machine must be provided.

For Clizzz Anyline can also be used everywhere as it works offline and directly on the smartphone. Data is then simply transmitted to the client’s server at a later moment in time. This eases the registration process for both, tourist accommodation staff and incoming guests. The cooperation between Clizzz and Anyline ensures the highest level of data security and makes sure that the needed information is provided quickly and easy for every governmental control coming in.

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