Artificial Intelligence

Letting AI boost your customer service and experience

Christian Pichler

Christian Pichler

Chief Technology Officer at Anyline

Apr 17, 2023

Especially in an industry like the automotive field, often your major competitive advantage is less about what you do and more so comes down to how you do it.

Most businesses can order roughly the same parts for consumer repairs and maintenance needs, for example. The quality of the experience, the ease of operation, and other factors all separate you from your competitors. That is why customer service is critical in the modern era.

To that end, artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most essential emerging tools to help overhaul and optimize the customer experience journey as much as possible. This is true in a wide range of different ways, all of which are worth a closer look at.

Intelligent Predictions and Insights

Another one of the major ways that artificial intelligence can offer a major advancement to your customer service efforts has to do with a concept called machine learning.

Machine learning is a concept related to AI that not only allows computer systems to process and “understand” data, but to actually get better at it as time goes on. The more data you feed into the system, the more insight you get – and the more accurate those insights become as a result.

This is enormously beneficial when it comes to things like predictions, for example. If you understand as much as you can about a customer’s needs and preferences today, you might be able to get a peak into where they might be headed six months or even a year from now.

Likewise, you can create a better customer service experience by using targeted, personalized messaging that is hyper-relevant to someone’s interests. These are naturally more engaging than generic messages.

All of this can be helpful in terms of making the smartest possible decision across the entirety of the customer journey. Collecting customer data isn’t enough – understanding it is the only way to truly extract the most value from it. 

Not only that, but it also frees up the invaluable time of those human employees to focus more on the matters that truly need their attention.

Automated ticket routing, for just one example, makes sure that the right customer message always gets to the right employee at exactly the right time. Automated data filling makes sure that information entered into something like an invoice or order form is A) accurate, and B) instant. Automated customer responses always make sure that someone has an answer to an important question when they need it.

In the end, optimizing processes using techniques such as these goes a long way towards creating the most seamless customer experience possible at all touch points with an organization. This generates a more positive customer experience overall, which absolutely helps businesses stand out in a crowded marketplace.