Anyliners Share Their Tips & Tricks for National Wellness Month 2020

To contribute to the National Wellness Month 2020, we have asked our team members to share some of their tips & tricks with you.

To contribute to the National Wellness Month 2020, we have asked our team members to share some of their tips & tricks with you.

August is National Wellness Month and is meant to inspire those around us to reflect on what they are currently doing to practice a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It is also a month built to inspire others and help them make healthy lifestyle changes, encouraging more happiness and less stress. We all deal with stress throughout our daily routines, but when balanced with a healthy routine of self-care and wellness, we can learn to manage that stress far better. From well-trained routines to small moments in a day, we can all be proactive in contributing to a balanced lifestyle and overall wellness.

To play an active roll in contributing to National Wellness Month, we have asked our team members to share some of their tips and tricks with you.

Here are 15 members of the Anyline team on how they practice wellness.

Nick Stein, Head of Enterprise Marketing
“For me, it is swimming. It just has that feeling of being a million miles away from any stress. It might have something to do with a lack of a phone or laptop as well!”

Miriam Szedlacek, Office Administrator
“Hiking! Exploring the mountains and being surrounded by nature is just so relaxing.”

Jiri Vyskocil, B2B Solutions Architect
“I usually go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week and sometimes also for a short run during or after work to clear my mind. I also love to hike and mountaineer on the weekends around Austria – and all other neighboring countries. That’s what keeps me feeling positive, even in the most stressful times.”

Martin Cerman, Head of Research and Development
“I try and go to the gym 3 or 4 times during the week. Sport is absolutely necessary to clear my head and mobilize the body after a whole day of sitting. I also love cooking after a long day, as it is a craft in itself that when done correctly, tastes amazing. Lastly, cracking open a beer or cocktail while relaxing with friends and colleagues is a must.”

Ricardo Oliveira, Windows and Xamarin Integration Engineer
“While I don’t go back to the gym, I do enjoy going for long walks with my dog through the city and local parks – as well as also studying German in the time left.”

Katarina Hurbanicova, Account Manager
“For me, it helps a lot just to wake up without instantly checking my emails first thing in the morning. Just to wake up, sit for 30 seconds on the side of my bed, and then get to it. It may sound small, but that half-minute makes a big impact on me. Also, just walk regularly during the day to keep the blood circulating and also to disconnect and turn off my phone notifications in the evenings or during the weekends.

Natalia Munoz Carpintero, UX Designer
“I do yoga/meditation 4X a week. To help keep my mind clear, I share my worries and fears with other people to keep me in check and give me perspective. I also do things that I find very cool and consciously don’t share them with people: not to social media, nor friends or family. They are only for me. Lastly, one or two times a year I make “wish lists” or “goal lists” for myself and hide them randomly between my stuff. I love finding them later when I already forget what I wrote in them. It helps me to look back and see how far you have come, to see what you have achieved in things that matter to you and help you evaluate how you have changed and also assess how your priorities have changed.”

Sabine Konrad, Head of Legal
“For me, nothing beats a weekend off by the lake with nice food, people, and no mobile phone.”

Katharina Mosor, Executive Assistant and Office Project Manager
“I try and take day trips out of town on weekends for a change of scenery. On a daily basis, I take evening walks or bike rides around my neighborhood. I also love a weekly Bootcamp to help me hit a reset button when things are stressful. While working, I make a point to get as much fresh air as possible. Short walks through the day and even lunch on the balcony if possible!”

Christian Hauser, Sales Operations
“I have adopted the Stoic philosophy (there are many awesome books out there) as a great means to wellness. I also go for long walks and make sure to take time for my own pursuits – both creative and learning endeavors.”

Rasika Krishna-Schmid, VP of Product
“Here are my few tips and tricks! I love taking long walks or bike rides to clear my head. I also take the time to nap on long days and meditate, plus of course, a weekend away with my family always re-balances me.”

Sylvia Grascher, HR Manager
“Hiking! There is nothing more relaxing than getting out into nature!”

Marc Babin, Communications Manager
“I am a fitness addict and start every day at the gym. While it can be hard to get out of bed early, for me it is the best way to start my day off on a high. On a tough day, I make a point to meditate when I get home and center myself, separating work from my home life.”

Sophie Kreuzer, VP of Branding Strategy
“I take at least 30 min, best case an hour to have my lunch break and try to enjoy the food and focus on the enjoyment – a rule that is an easy in-home office but hard in the real office, so I try to remind my colleagues that my lunch break is a free-of-work time, so I don’t want to talk about work. I also just started horseback riding and it is the perfect balance of concentration, nature, and animals. You have to concentrate on the task at hand or you lose that connection with the horse, something that really forces me to put stress away. Lastly, I go to my happy place and float in the water. As I grew up next to a beautiful lake my happy place is always near water. Whether on the river, at a lake, or even a swimming pool, I lay on my back on the water and I can stay there forever without any effort. That’s my top happy place.”

Lukas Kinigadner, CEO
“When the moment allows, I get outside as much as I can. The fresh air and many hiking trails around Vienna keep my stress levels low and allow me to focus on my wellness. I also take advantage of spending time with colleagues and family members whenever possible.”

As you can see from our team, wellness comes in all shapes and sizes. From those who have made daily routines to manage their well-being to those who take advantage of the small things and simple moments. We are proud to share our team’s tips and tricks to balancing a healthy lifestyle in appreciation for National Wellness Month.

We challenge you to reflect on what you are currently doing and make proactive steps to continue these lifestyle choices. More often than not, the thought put towards a new action can make the difference, and when it comes to your overall health and wellbeing, we certainly think it is worth it.

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