Computer Vision

Computer Vision And Emerging Technologies At The Anyline Meetup


The Anyline team has hosted a monthly Computer Vision Meetup since November 2015. Since then, we’ve had a lot of great speakers and fun evenings together. Our latest event was Meetup 23 about computer vision and it was no exception!

Tensorflow implementation on Windows UWP x86


We are always trying to make our customers happy of course – but this time it wasn’t that easy. Tensorflow is only quite recently supported on Windows in general.

Samsung files smart contact lens patent


We’ve recently given you a list of smart glasses that are currently on the market and we’ve talked about the trend of lighter and more wearable ones. But what if you don’t even have to wear smart glasses to get the full augmented reality experience, what if you could simply wear contact lenses? Samsung could make that possible!



Two days ago we hosted the 7ᵗʰ Computer Vision Meetup in our office “Die Manege”. After a quick intro by our CTO Daniel Albertini we dove straight into the first talk about deep learning.



Last month we hosted the 5th edition of our Monthly Computer Vision Meetup! It was the first time we had an external sponsor – big thanks to ViewAr who kept the audience refreshed through the event! ?

Thresholding for Mobile OCR: An Introduction – Part 2


Last week we gave you an An Introduction to Binary, Truncate & To Zero Thresholding, which we hope you found useful! This blog post will dive a little deeper into the thresholding topic with Otsu Thresholding and Adaptive Thresholding. So let's get started!

What problems can OCR solve?


OCR is a very powerful tool. We want to show the many different use cases OCR can be used for and which problems it might be able to solve

Computer Vision Meetup Roundup #3 2017


At the end of March, the meetup crowd gathered once again to talk and learn about interesting projects in the area Computer Vision!

Computer Vision Meetup Roundup #4 2017


Welcome to the recap of the Computer Vision Meetup April Edition! We were very proud that the  meetup was hosted in a special location: at the top of the IBM building in Vienna, with an amazing view over the city!

Why the Anyline SDK will revolutionize Mobile OCR


For a long time it has been "online vs. offline" and "digital vs. analog" - but we are in the midst of the all-digital age, part of a generation which strives to turn towards a mobile device and the internet when in search of anything.

Will smart glasses surpass smartphones?


Given our efforts to technologically update all our features, which enable a better cooperation with our AR partner Wikitude and our efforts to work on solutions for smart glasses providers and potential customers like Epson, we’d like to give you an update on the best smart glasses of 2016 until now.

Monthly Computer Vision Meetup Roundup #8


This time people gathered at the shared office "Die Manege" for a very Microsoft focused meetup! We had the pleasure to welcome Microsoft Tech Evangelist Rina Ahmed for a very informative talk about all kinds of Cognitive Services APIs her company offers. Afterwards we jumped to the Microsoft HoloLens, started with an intro to the technical specifications and in how to develop on the HoloLens. The highlight was kept until the end: A live demo and the hands-on try out for all attendees!

Faq: What can I Scan With Anyline?


Since our support team always gets all different kinds of questions and requests, we want to answer them for you one by one!

Monthly Computer Vision Roundup #2 2017


Welcome back to our Computer Vision Roundups, our February Meetup was an almost-February-Meetup, taking place on March 1st. Good thing all of you got the memo - we were delighted to have started the year with so many more members in our Computer Vision Group on and more new faces at our regular meetups!

Computer Vision Meetup 1st Anniversary


We did it! We've finished our first year as founders and hosts of the first Computer Vision Meetup in Vienna! A year ago we thought it couldn’t be that hard to host a meetup because all you need for it is already there - or almost there: a good location, interesting people, thrilling talks, great marketing and free drinks.



End of April we hosted the 6ᵗʰ Computer Vision Meetup in our office “Die Manege”. We had the honour that one of our most seen member of the meetup Dr. Gayane Shalunts presented her PhD thesis about “Classification of the architectural style of a Romanesque, Gothic or Baroque building facade through a Computer Vision Tool”.