Carcentric license plate scanning

How CarCentric Streamlined Customer Onboarding with Mobile Data Capture

CarCentric is one of Romania’s most technologically advanced car fleet service providers. They offer a digital platform that makes it simple to manage car services for entire fleets with just a mobile device.

One of the main challenges facing fleet managers is keeping track of every vehicle, and having an accurate record of their whereabouts and use. When they first started operations, they used NFC tags to track client vehicles.

However, they encountered a number of issues with NFC tags. Firstly, tags needed to be individually programmed with vehicle details. After programming, each tag would have to be manually equipped, but over time, the tags would deteriorate and bread down.

Fulfilling Customer's Needs with a Mobile Scanning Solution

After researching alternatives, they discovered that a mobile license plate scanning solution would fulfill their customer’s needs. They began testing different solutions and decided on Anyline due to the high accuracy of its mobile data capture technology for scanning license plates. The CarCentric team were also happy with this decision as Anyline could be easily added to their existing app.

The result is that suppliers can now enter vehicle information into the CarCentric system simply by scanning its license plate. This means that CarCentric can begin providing services as soon as a contract is signed with the customer. They no longer need to wait for NFC tags to be produced, delivered, programmed and equipped. Instead, the vehicle’s details are uploaded to the CarCentric platform from an excel sheet.

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“Anyline improved our business by shortening the contract implementation time from months or weeks to a couple of days. In this way, we can focus on growing our business and portfolio, while also improving our digital tools so they can better serve our customers.”

Since adopting Anyline license plate scanning, CarCentric have also seen a number of additional benefits. They receive less complaint calls, customer onboarding is faster, and they have more time to concentrate on growing their customer base.

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