How Red Bull Raised Customer Engagement with Mobile OCR

How Red Bull Raised Customer Engagement with Mobile OCR

How Red Bull Mobile raised its customer engagement rates with Anyline mobile data capture.

Red Bull MOBILE does not only offer state-of-the-art telecommunication services, it also provides unlimited special access to the world of Red Bull, offering all kinds of benefits to their customers. Their team is always looking for new ways to further engage their current customers and grow their fan base. They are known for their innovative promotions and are not afraid to explore new methods when the right solution is presented.

When it came to their latest promotion, “Red Bull MOBILE Collect”, the Anyline team offered a perfect and engaging scanning solution that put the power of the promotion into the hands of the customer.

The Vision

The vision for the Red Bull MOBILE Collect program was straight forward: engage the customer anywhere and anytime to show all the possibilities within the world of their brand and what they have to offer when it comes to rewards for living the Red Bull Lifestyle. They started putting together a wide range of prizes and ways in which they could collect the voucher codes.

In the end, the customer would collect these voucher codes from their products, earning them “Energy Points” which would allow them to participate in the customer loyalty program. But the question remained on how the customers would collect and input the voucher codes.

The Anyline Solution

Red Bull MOBILE had the idea to print tiny scannable voucher codes on the tabs of their cans. Customers had to gather the codes to participate in their customer loyalty program, as previously mentioned. But manually typing in numbers and letters felt dated and can be very error-prone, so Red Bull was looking for a solution to give their customers the best experience. That’s where Anyline came in.

With Anyline’s mobile scanning solution the eight-digit code is easily scannable and customers can effortlessly gather the voucher codes at any time and wherever they are. Additionally, a flashlight function was integrated into the application to further support the scanning process in all lighting conditions.

During the entire promotion campaign, over 48,000 unique customers used the scanning function which generated a further 325,000 scans.

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