How Safaricom Boosts Customer Registration with Mobile ID Scanning

How Safaricom Boosts Customer Registration with Mobile ID Scanning

How Safaricom is onboarding new customers in seconds with mobile ID scanning. Instant customer verification with mobile data capture.

Safaricom is the largest telecommunications company in Kenya, providing over 30 million users with a wide range of services, including calls, internet packages, mobile money transfers, and more.

The company is renowned for offering some of the most innovative solutions on the market and ensuring maximum flexibility and ease-of-use to its customers. Recent highlights include the hugely popular M-PESA mobile money transfer service and Sambaza transferable internet bundles.

It’s therefore not surprising then that when it comes to registering customers, Safaricom wanted a solution that would put them head and shoulders above the competition. Find out how Anyline ID scanning helped Safaricom cut their registration time from minutes to seconds by eliminating manual data entry.

The Vision

In Kenya, customers need to provide ID information in order to buy and activate prepaid SIM cards. This means potential users would have to go to a Safaricom shop or reseller with their ID to fill out a registration form before their SIM would work.

This inconvenience didn’t just cost Safaricom customers time; manual data entry can also be inaccurate, leading to incorrect registrations from typos or misread handwriting.

Unrivaled Flexibility & Support

Kenya is the country with the highest level of mobile phone use in Africa and has the greatest global use of the internet from mobile phones when compared to desktops. This makes having a registered SIM card an integral part of everyday life and work, from just reading emails to handling personal finances and running a business.

ID registration is necessary in order to prevent SIM card-related crime, but it creates an additional challenge to telecom companies, as there are multiple forms of Kenyan ID currently being used. To address this issue, the Anyline technical support team worked closely with Safaricom, to ensure that the mySafaricom app would automatically recognize all Kenyan ID cards with MRZ codes.

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