How Sweet Inn Offers a Seamless Mobile Check-In Experience with Anyline

Sweet Inn is a travel technology company that aims to revolutionize the way people travel. The company was founded in 2014 with the original vision of combining the best of both hotels and vacation rentals: bringing together the intimacy and boutique feel of a vacation home, with the convenience and services of a luxury hotel.

During the global pandemic, Sweet Inn leaned on its technological capacity more than ever, embracing a mobile-first approach and expanding its global reach. They achieved this through a ‘white-label’ solution which they offer to property owners, future-proofing their operations and supporting revenue during a historic industry crisis.

Today, the business boasts over 800 individual units across multiple European countries – and countless others using their mobile solution. Sweet Inn is quickly becoming a leading brand in the smart travel category, bringing the entire guest experience together through innovation and mobile technology.

Sweet Inn’s Vision

From day one, Sweet Inn founder, Paul Besnainou dreamed of bringing the entire guest experience into a single application. But while many traditional services can be integrated into an application with ease, the challenge came when it was time to check guests into their booked accommodation remotely, without the need for an agent on site.

Traditionally, an owner or manager would need to be present at the property to manually collect the passport data from each guest, a legal requirement and government regulation in many countries around the world. But this extra staffing cost and guest inconvenience involved in this process meant Sweet Inn could not offer guests the fully digital experience they wanted. To resolve this, Paul and his team needed a mobile solution to collect guest passport data safely and accurately on any standard mobile device.

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The Anyline Solution

For Sweet Inn, the final piece of the puzzle was mobile passport scanning. After integrating Anyline mobile data capture into their mobile application, guests can simply scan their passport in under a second with their own device and complete the check-in at their accommodation independently.

In the Sweet Inn app, the guest opens the camera function and holds their phone over their passport. In less than a second, all of the vital information needed is collected and securely processed by Sweet Inn and their systems. And thanks to the level of sophistication behind the technology, the entire process is done completely offline and free from any third-party servers, ensuring the guest’s data is kept completely confidential, further enhancing the guest’s confidence and overall experience.

“Anyline has been with us since day one. It’s the perfect property check-in tool when it comes to passport scanning and data collection. What’s more, during this past year and the global pandemic, our ability to white label our technology using Anyline’s passport scanning allowed us to make a slight strategic pivot and most certainly saved our business during the toughest financial period for hospitality in the recent past.”