How Mobile ID Scanning Makes Hotel Booking and Check-in Easy


Hotel booking abandonment rates are notoriously high. According to SaleCycle, more than 8 in every 10 prospective guests do not complete their reservations. This is often because the process takes too long, the website or app is confusing, or they make mistakes and have to start from the beginning.

But booking a room doesn’t need to be a bore. By easily integrating ID scanning into your Property Management System (PMS), not only will guests be able to complete their bookings and check-in faster, but it will also be a far better customer experience.

Here’s how it works:

A New Reservation In 30 Seconds with ID Scanning

During a traditional booking process, guests are often overwhelmed with long forms to be completed before they can confirm a reservation. Entering personal information from a passport or identity document with a computer or smartphone is a hotbed for human error – leading to mistakes, frustration and purchase abandonment.

But by simply scanning their passport, driver’s license, or ID card with their own smartphone, they can autofill this information in the blink of an eye. Not only is mobile data capture from Anyline far more accurate than manual data entry, but it is also 20 times faster – saving guests time and stress.

Skeptical? Let’s take a look at it in action:

Following a traditional booking process, the user first selects their preferred accommodation dates and room type. From this point, the guest is usually faced with repetitive questions required to make the booking.

However, with Anyline ID Scanning the guest simply scans their ID document and the form is automatically filled out. Additionally, a photo of the document is also automatically captured and attached to the reservation, a legal requirement in many countries.

The result? Valuable time saved and a reservation made in under 30 seconds, increasing your conversion rate and reducing the booking abandonment.

Free One Pager – Mobile Hotel Check-in

Let Guests Skip the Line with Mobile Check-In

When guests arrive at their hotel or accommodation, check-in is the only thing standing between them and that cold cocktail on the beach. But for most, this means yet another line to wait in. A stressful first touchpoint sets a property on the back foot, and makes it more difficult to win back their satisfaction.

Let’s take a look at a mobile check-in experience, which allows the guest to skip this tedious process altogether.

In your app or webpage, the user selects the option to check-in and is prompted to scan their passport document. With their information retrieved from the hotel’s booking system via the ID document, the guest information is confirmed and automatically updated in the hotel PMS system, all via the guest’s mobile device.

Alternatively, if the property wishes to keep this front desk touchpoint, desk agents could be equipped with mobile devices to scan the documents in a matter of seconds, automatically filling in the required data and saving valuable time.

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The Future Of Hospitality Will Favor Proactivity

Embracing the tools that allow for enhanced service levels will give guests that “wow” factor you need to stay relevant in this new market. More importantly, embracing these new technologies and innovations will future-proof your property and establish a new benchmark for guest satisfaction.


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