Anyline One Pager and Whitepapers

White Papers, E-books and One Pagers about OCR and Mobile Scanning Solutions


Choosing the Right 3rd Party Logistics Partner

The eBook outlines the best practices for selecting a 3PL partner for your business and gives some handy checklists so you know what you should be looking for

Can digital identity solutions be safe & seamless?

In this ebook we will outline the best practices on combining DI solutions for the correct level of security and deliver a seamless user experience

The Top 3 Frustrations of Last-Mile Delivery

In this report, we unpack the three biggest pain-points for customers: the lack of visibility, control and accountability

Scan & Go: A Fleeting Fad or the Future of Retail?

In this eBook you learn about the state of play for in-store retail, inconvenient truths attached to that and how Scan & Go can be a viable alternative

Designing a Data-Driven Retail Strategy

This eBook will help you design a data-driven retail strategy that puts your back of house in order and combines your in-store and e-commerce

White Papers and Surveys

Scan & Go Shopping:

Customer Perception Report 2022

Deploy Mobile Policing with Mobile Data Capture

With mobile scanning for governmental agencies & mobile policing, a police department reduces the amount of paper work and saves valuable time & resources

Mobile Scanning for the Utility Industry

Get up to speed on how mobile scanning solutions are pushing the digital transformation of the utility industry to the next level

One Pagers

Verify Tires with a Serial Number Scanner

Get up to speed on how mobile data capture is digitizing commercial fleet management with instant tire identification

Integrate OCR Into Your Aftermarket Solutions

Learn how to bring your digital aftermarket solutions to the edge of innovation and enhance your value proposition

Verify Tires with a Tire Dot Number Scanner

Get up to speed on how mobile data capture is keeping our roads safe with instant tire identification. Perform mobile tire scanning with a tire dot scanner

Empower Police Officers with Mobile Data Capture

Get up to speed on how mobile data captures empowers police officers around the world. Keep your officers situationally aware at all times & reduce paper work

No Meter Billing Errors with Mobile Readings

Get up to speed on how mobile meter reading removes meter billing error from the utilities industry. Ensure accurate & fast utility meter readings

Home Energy Management & Meter Self-Reading

Get up to speed on how mobile data capture will empower your customers with the ability to perform accurate meter self-reading