Identify Tires in an Instant - Fast Tire Identification with Mobile Scanning

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration requires tire manufacturers to mold tire identification numbers (TIN)/DOT Number on all motor vehicle tires sold in the United States. TIN is used to identify tires that have been recalled. This allows manufacturers, tire retailers, and auto body service centers to keep their customers safe while ensuring quick response to any safety concerns and/or compliance issues.

Using Anyline’s ground-breaking TIN scanning solution, you will be able to read tire identification numbers instantly from any mobile device. This will allow you to manage tire recalls, track treadwear of customer tires for better maintenance and service standards.

Join us to learn more about:

  • Eliminating the manual data entry of TIN/DOT Numbers
  • How we can read these low contrast serial numbers
  • The fast and easy implementation process for immediate integration