Optimize Your Car Retail or Fleet Management Software Through Smart Data Capture Technology

Trends in fleet management show a shift towards more data-rich software solutions. But while technology has already allowed providers and managers a more automated way to manage their fleets, there are still gaps where digital tools require manual data to be entered, such as during customer registration vehicle inspections, and lot management.

By using AI and machine learning tools to scan VIN numbers, license plates, IDs on any mobile device, companies across the sector are empowering their workforces to work faster and smarter.

In this webinar, join Philipp Parrer as he takes you through the fleet management journey, and demonstrates how using mobile scanning solutions can enable the full automation of your fleet management process.

Learn more about:

  • Improve fleet and driver data by eliminating manual data entry
  • Quickly process damage claims
  • Easily integrate mobile scanning into your fleet software solution