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Use Cases

SIM Registration

Let customers register their new prepaid SIM from any location with a dedicated mobile app featuring Anyline. It can read registration numbers, codes and IDs without taking photos or violating any other data privacy laws. Onboard new customers like never before!

Newspaper online onboarding

Add promotional codes to your paper that readers can scan with ease. Anyline works on all mobile device types. This novel approach to promotion is easy for readers to complete and provides you with accurate customer data.

Collecting Customer Data

Anyline can scan MRZs and IDs 20x faster than manual data entry. Streamline your onboarding process by letting customers scan their details rather than filling out forms. The transfer of data only begins with an active internet connection so scans are secure while maintained on your customer’s device.

Success Stories

Karlsberg Scan Voucher Codes

Karlsberg promotional campaign revolved around enter a 6 digit code into their companion app. Once they integrated Anyline, users could use the app to scan voucher codes too. This resulted in more successful scans and an improved UX for customers.

Yesss! Success Story

yesss! wanted to improve the user experience of their app. After quickly integrating Anyline, they were able to let customers scan top-up codes. This resulted in more successful top-ups and improved customer satisfaction.