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5 reasons OCR can skyrocket your Sports Marketing Campaign


The business of sports marketing is one of the most profitables worldwide. The value of the brand became one of the most important factors. According to Forbes, Nike was the most valuable business brand in 2015, with a value of 26 billion dollars (compared to 7.5 billion in 2007). Today it’s not just about having prominent athletes or the most innovative shoes to remain competitive on the sports market. The most important factor are your customers. Without loyal and happy customers, there is no chance to become a leading brand in this field. So in this blog post I will tell you the 5 reasons why especially OCR can skyrocket your marketing campaign and bring you on top of the list.

You can’t wait to read through all reasons? Have a look:

Build your digital brand world and you will get new customers

In the United States and Central Europe over 66% inhabitants own a smartphone. And as my colleague mentioned in her recent article, users spend 90% of the time with apps. It’s so important to connect with your customers through digital content. Think about how rarely you are browsing through a website on your smartphone. With an application it’s so much easier to get the right content to the right person in the right way. The customers are used to identify themselves with brands via digital channels, like social media (also via apps) or the companies app. If your brand doesn’t appear in the digital world, the brand doesn’t really exists (in the customers mind). In case of sports marketing there are endless possibilities. Doesn’t matter if you are a sports company or a football club. Your content could include news, sweepstakes, fan club, videos, store locator and many more.

57% of consumers are interested in using their mobile device to check their points balances, redeem reward points (55%), find a location/store (54%), and browse reward options (54%)

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Get to know your customer and improve the interaction and loyalty

Having a great fan community in this competitive business is everything. There is not a big different between the quality of a NIKE or Adidas shirt or the new AirMax and the new Sam Smith shoes. For a long time it’s not about the better product but about the emotions the brands transfer to their customers and that they feel appreciated.

So how could OCR help you to persuade customers stay loyal?

By involving the customer through your brands app, you are able to connect with your customer every single day. For example: someone buys a T-shirt and get’s 15% off if they join the fan club via app.

Through a challenge you stay in contact with them and they will collect points to get not just discounts, but also insights of brand ambassadors (athletes) like Kevin Durant. Today this is just as important as a discount. Why? The player of the Golden State Warriors signed a contract with NIKE for approximately 300 million dollars over ten years for his own brand. He has over 14 million twitter followers and over 10 million Facebook followers. It’s just more natural to connect with a successful, popular person than with an anonymous brand.

kevin durant

One example for using OCR to engage your customers would be to collection points by scanning the hashtag #KevinDurant or #KD9 of the billboards or magazines. It’s all about connection with the customer and getting them to interact with your brand actively. And there are no costs for you — you already have an application and you have to print the billboards, no matter if there is one more hashtag on it or not.

Collecting points is just one of many options for a rewarding system. You’ll find more suggestions here and for all the different ways mobile OCR would be the perfect solution for happy and loyal customers.

Make your customers to your most important brand ambassador

Word of mouth is one of the most efficient “tools” and you can’t buy it. It’s a hard way to become a valuable brand and it just takes a second to destroy the hard-earned value. That’s the reason why customers are the hardest critics. It’s up to your brand to convert your critics to your best buddies!

sport marketing

The perfect example is Red Bull. Through a perfect marketing of a special lifestyle and the importance of the fans and the community, a lot of them are wearing Red Bull clothes by choice. It’s not about the energy drink and it never has been.

It’s about the feeling that Red Bull communicates to the customer.

There are events, merchandise articles, parties, energy drinks, water and so on and every single product could be promoted through our OCR technology. Just scan the car number of your beer cup at a formula one race, get some special message and share it on Facebook. Customers impact on social media is honest and the people trust it. It’s one of the cheapest and most important tools for advertising today.

Create value out of every situation

Imagine you are on vacation with your family. You are in a fantastic ski resort because every one of your family is a ski sport enthusiast. You leave the ski-lift and enjoy the slope but after 10 minutes you are back to the start. You have to wait for the lift or gondola and then go back up 10 minutes again. What a waste of time!


But wait — there is an info about the ski resort’s app and you can collect points in every single gondola. Scan the number of the gondola and you will get 15% of the next lunch and you have the chance to win a stay for the whole family. So it doesn’t matter if you are in the nature, in a football stadium and scan from tickets or beverages or in a NIKE store. With OCR you are able to involve your customer everywhere, anytime (even offline) and convert lost time into a great brand experience.


Increase in turnover through OCR

As we already heard, it’s not enough to have the best product on the market. It has been a long time since it was just about the product. It’s all about the relationship between the brand and the customer to get loyal customers and of course the right turnover. The customer still needs an incentive to buy your product regularly. For example by putting sweepstakes on the packaging, the customer interacts via mobile OCR with the brand. There couldn’t be a better user experience than connecting with the brand a second after the purchase.

Everyone knows that sweepstakes attract customer and potential customers extremely and through the easy way of scanning the codes, it’s the most innovative and contemporary solution on the market.

To sum up

Nowadays you have to try everything in sports marketing to connect with your customer. It doesn’t matter if we talking about clothes, events or other goods. With OCR it is possible to connect with your customer anytime, anywhere for different reasons.

  • Build your digital brand world and you will get new customers
  • Get to know your customers and improve the interaction and loyalty
  • Make your customers your most important brand ambassador
  • Create value out of every situation
  • Increase your turnover

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