Anyline 30: Face Authentication, Liveness Detection, US ID Cards & More


We’ve reached the big three-oh with our releases! This time around, our headline innovations are the arrival of our seamless and secure face authentication and liveness detection to the Anyline Scanner demo app, and the addition of 19 US Identity Cards to our Universal ID scanning function.

What’s more, you’ll find improvements to the barcode scanner and result sharing functions, and a number of nifty UX experiences on the demo app and SDK!

Let’s take a closer look.



Face Authentication and Liveness Detection on the Anyline Scanner

For industries like banking and financial services, having the highest standards in security on apps and customer-facing websites is non-negotiable. That’s why we have launched face authentication and liveness detection solutions – which you can now test on our free Anyline Scanner demo app!

This combination of biometric authentication delivers a one-two knockout to any fraudster trying to breach your base with spoofing attempts, while also offering the most seamless onboarding experience on the market!

Try it out now on the Anyline Scanner.

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Scan United States Identity Cards

We have added to our ever-growing list of supported identity documents, this time with an additional 19 US State IDs. US Identity Cards are the standard form of domestic ID for those without driver’s licenses.

For more information on our Digital Identity solutions, take a look at our full list of supported countries, to get an overview of all regions covered by our driver license scanner & ID solutions.

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Fast & Accurate Barcode Scanning

Easily Scan Barcodes with Full Frame Decoding

We have launched major user experience improvements to our barcode scanner in the last few releases, and Anyline 30 is no different. To make it even easier to scan barcodes efficiently, we have increased the scan area so users can capture barcodes anywhere inside the frame of the camera.

What’s more, the cutout area has increased slightly in size to make it easier to grab the full barcode every time, delivering a better scan experience. This update can also be tested now on our Anyline Scanner demo app.

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Mobile Meter Reading for Utilities & Customer Meter Self-Reading

Two-for-one Data Capture: Parallel Scanning

Many scanning tasks involve multiple forms of data capture, where the user captures an OCR data point first followed by a barcode. Recognizing this demand, we have launched parallel scanning, which allows the user to collect their first data source – like a utility meter reading or ID card – followed by a barcode in the same action. Test it out today!

Scan More, Share More!

In Anyline 29, we launched our first sharing function in the Anyline Scanner, and due to popular demand – it is back with even more improvements! It’s now working on both iOS and Android, on all scan modes, letting you share result data and the accompanying image with other services and apps.

‘Over the Air’ Updates for Standard Products on Android

We want to make it as easy as possible for customers to update our scanning solutions, without the need to change any code. That’s why we developed ‘over the air’ updates, an innovation which makes accessing the newest updates as easy as refreshing a page! This feature is now available for all standard products on Android.

Human Corrected Results

Nothing in life is perfect, and even with the best tech at your fingertips, the odd error can always slip through. To tackle this and continually improve, it’s now possible to add a feedback option to all scan results, so that end-users can identify any issue that might come up regarding accuracy.

New Tutorials and Features on the Anyline Scanner

Finally, we have added a bit of polish to our Anyline Scanner demo app. When scanning IDs for the first time, you’ll be greeted with a new tutorial to guide you through the optimal scanning process. And for those that want to understand more about how our tech is used in action, you can find new industries and success stories!

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