Anyline 32: Expanding Arabic ID Scanning To All GCC Nations


If you saw our last release for Anyline 31, you will know that we recently launched Arabic script for the Anyline SDK, bringing a brand new character set and language to the Anyline library. Since then, our team has been hard at work expanding our Arabic solution, and we’re excited to say that we can now scan ID documents from all six GCC countries.

Identity Documents for All Arabic GCC Nations

Since launching OCR scanning for Arabic script last month, we have expanded our list of supported IDs with this Anyline 32 release. Complete coverage for the GCC nations includes the following unique ID documents for each country.

  • Kuwait – Civil ID Card
  • Saudi Arabia – Resident Identity Card
  • United Arab Emirates – Resident Identity Card
  • Qatar – Residency Permit
  • Bahrain – Identity Card
  • Oman – Resident Card

What’s more, we’ve improved our coverage for American ID documents with the addition of 10 more US State IDs. These include: Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Oregon, Utah.

See the full list of supported IDs & countries for universal ID scanning!

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Over The Air Updates Come to React Native for Android

Over the air (OTA) has been an ongoing project to make every Anyline solution available for immediate updates without the need for manually installing the latest version. As we have highlighted previously, this feature enables users to update their app by pulling it down on the page and it will automatically download the accuracy improvements.

With Anyline 32, our team brings OTA to React Native Android to further enhance and streamline deployment for our customers around the world.

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