Anyline 35: Universal TIN scanning, PDF147 parsing, and more IDs!


With the release of Anyline 35, we are bringing new functionalities to enhance our scanning solution catalogue, and as always, expand our ID scanning capabilities to more regions.

Universal DOT/TIN scanning

Anyline’s industry-first TIN scanner enables technicians throughout the automotive and tire industries to easily and quickly scan tire sidewalls to capture tire identification numbers. This solution was launched into the North American market in 2021, scanning tire identification numbers conforming to the DOT (US Department of Transportation) standards.

Thanks to our development team, we now can capture every kind of TIN on the market, including those without the DOT-prefix. Use cases, such our great success story with Discount Tire, can now be exported to Europe and the rest of the world!

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PDF147 barcode parsing

We are now offering parsing of PDF417 codes from US IDs and Driving Licenses according to the AAMVA standard. Find out all the barcode types now supported in our documentation.

Further ID coverage

With this release, we also worked to make our ID scanning possibilities available to more regions around the world, with the following documents now recognized:

  • 10 new US IDs, with 49 states now supported
  • All US Driver’s License are now supported
  • South Africa, Egypt and Kuwait Driver’s Licenses

See the full list of supported IDs & countries for universal ID scanning!

Total coverage of US license plates

With this release, our license plate scanner is now able to read license plates from every state in the US as well as Puerto Rico, Guam and the American Samoa!


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