Anyline 40 - the eye of AI

Anyline 40 – Better, Faster, Stronger

Lukas Moshuber

Lukas Moshuber

Product Manager at Anyline

Jun 29, 2022

With our milestone 40th release, we are widening our scanning capabilities with more types of data and regions covered, and as always, we are focusing on improving the performance of our solution as well as user experience.

Pre-loading for a better web UX

Anyline has been supporting JavaScript for the integration of our scanning capabilities to websites for the past few years. In this release, our development team has been focusing on loading time optimization, with the possibility to pre-load our scanner. This results in a seamless user experience, with faster loading times.

To give just one example of how this feature will improve user experiences, pre-loading will now make it faster and easier to perform online tire scanning for a better experience when purchasing tires online.