Anyline 41 – Improvements across the board

Lukas Moshuber

Lukas Moshuber

Product Manager at Anyline

Aug 05, 2022

With our 41st release, we are focusing on improving the performance of our scanning capabilities to allow each and every user to get the best possible experience from mobile data capture.

Improvements across the board in our SDK

We are always aiming at offering our clients a seamless experience, where scanning and data capture processes can be as quick, easy and accurate as possible.

  • Speed – when you or your employees are performing hundreds of scans per day or more, every second counts! That’s why our latest release brings significant speed improvements for each scan.
  • Detection – In addition, release 41 sees a big upgrade to character detection, making it easier to capture each scan with less effort and more accuracy.

Enhanced accuracy and detection for tire scanning

Our industry-leading tire scanning solutions have also seen a number of improvements:

  • Accuracy – we are edging even closer to 100% accuracy for our tire scanning capabilities. This will help guarantee that the data captured is correct and can be used to your advantage at any stage of the tire life cycle.
  • Device performance: We also improved detection for our tire size scanning capability on mobile platforms. Scanning tire size codes from sidewalls becomes even quicker and more precise on mobile devices, like smartphones but also TPMS tools.