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Anyline at WU: Showcase for the Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow

Anyline COO Andreas Greilhuber was invited to talk at the Vienna University of Economics on March 15. His talk was part of a current speaker series being run at the university. Andreas gave the students an introduction to Anyline, explained the challenges of founding and how Anyline became an established company in the Austrian technology scene.

A Quick Presentation on Anyline & Mobile OCR

From Humble Beginnings

Andreas started his presentation by telling the story of how Anyline was formed. Once he explained how Anyline emerged as the solution to a problem held by mySugr, he moved on to introducing the company goals that were set in 2014.

Since making this commitment, Anyline has grown to a company of 30 people. In addition, +10 million scans a year are now reported and we have +100 enterprise customers worldwide.

Where Are We Now?

Once the Anyline origin story was clear for the students in attendance, Andreas explained what we’re working on now and how we plan to achieve our future goals. Since becoming COO, Andreas has brought his favourite maxim into play wherever possible.

Clarity Affords Focus

– Thomas Leonard

The result is what he calls the Anyline compass. This compass has two key components, which are our mission and our vision. Below is the slide he used to convey this to the audience at the WU.

After clarifying the importance of of the compass, Andreas introduced the audience to the technology behind Anyline and gave examples of how it can be vertically integrated across a number of fields and industries.

Anyline in Action

We’re happy that we work with a lot of market leaders and we try our best to show off the ways that these companies make use of Anyline to create and optimize innovative processes. Andreas gave the students a full rundown of Anyline’s partners and the solutions they use to improve their businesses.

Questions & Answers

At the end of the presentation, Andreas opened the floor to questions. Thomas Reutterer, the event organizer and a professor of service marketing and tourism at the university noted that the students were highly engaged and asked very pressing questions. Andreas had a similar opinion.

“I was very impressed by the laser-sharp questions asked by the students. They showed a fantastic understanding of our business model, the risks involved in our business and even how the technology itself works.”

– Andreas Greilhuber

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