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How to Manage City Parking with Mobile Text Recognition like Stadtwerke München

Stadtwerke München is a communal company owned by the city of Munich. It offers public services ranging from utility supply to public transport and is also responsible for managing parking within the city. Munich has a population of 1.54 million people so there’s a large volume of traffic within the city. Stadtwerke München wanted to make parking inspection easier to perform and sought out technological solutions. This is how they discovered Anyline.

What Were the Problems with Traditional Parking Control?

Before Stadtwerke München introduced mobile license plate scanning, parking attendants had to use manual data entry to record the license plates of offending vehicles. They were required to type license plate numbers into their mobile terminal and then re-type the number once more, but backwards, to verify that it was correctly entered.

This process was time intensive and redundant as attendants were required to perform twice as much data entry as necessary to ensure high accuracy. Stadtwerke München wanted to find an accurate and fast way to collect license plates instead. Once their development team recognized the potential of a mobile OCR solution for fulfilling these requirements, they started searching for a reliable provider.

Why Was Anyline the Right Solution for Stadtwerke München?

The Stadtwerke München development team discovered Anyline and downloaded the demo app to test the license plate scanning solution. After being impressed by the initial test results, the Stadtwerke München team got in touch with Anyline to discuss how the mobile text recognition technology could be adapted to provide even more accuracy for their use case.

Improvements were made to the SDK and in the meantime, newer versions of Anyline were released that further improved the accuracy for their use case. With such an innovative solution available for them, Stadtwerke München felt it was best to work with Anyline. With the continual release of new versions and dedicated client services, they were confident that they could scan license plates in Munich with a very high accuracy.

On top of that, Stadtwerke München were able to integrate and take advantage of Anyline’s automatic torch detection for scanning in low-light conditions. This further improves the reach of mobile license plate scanning technology and proves that Anyline is a truly agile solution. In all cases where Anyline is not able to provide an accurate scan(due to angle, debris on license plate) parking attendants still have the option to type in license plates as a fall back.

How Does Parking Control in Munich Work Today?

With more than 250 parking attendants working in Munich today, it was important to deliver a solution that was simple to use and provides a positive user experience. The response to mobile license plate scanning as an everyday work solution was highly positive. The accuracy provided by Anyline means that license plate details can be gathered much quicker than the traditional data entry method used before.

“We’re very happy with the license plate scanning solution that Anyline has provided us with. It’s made it much faster for our parking attendants to collect license plate data. This efficiency improvement at the base of our parking control operations will help us to improve parking control as a whole within Munich.” -Stadtwerke München


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