Project Description

Co.met Anyline contactless meter reading

As the digitization of the Austrian energy sector continues to advance, strategic decisions made today will significantly influence which companies and which business models will thrive in the future of the energy market.

co.met, a Saarbrücken-based energy provider, has established itself as one of the key innovators in the German energy sector and is known for digitizing traditional process chains in utilities. co.met already supports more than 500 German utility companies by providing solutions for customer self-reading and workforce processes for meter scanning.

The company has now entered the Austrian market, and aims to lead the digital transformation of the country’s utilities to make energy management easier for end-customers. For this, co-met uses Anyline’s mobile scanning technology.

Easy Self-Reading for Meters

Using co.met’s solution, utility companies can empower their customers to scan and send their meter readings using their own mobile devices. The meter readings are then transmitted directly back to the utility provider. 

This innovation is made possible by Anyline meter scanning, built on the latest optical character recognition technology. What’s more, companies don’t need an app to enable contactless meter reading, as it can also be integrated directly into their own website.

Thomas Hemmer, CEO of co.met, remarked:

“The acceptance by our customers and their end customers is excellent. The end customer stays in our web portal and does not have to download an app to type in his meter or take a picture. This makes self-reading easy and convenient at the same time.”

Contactless Utility Meter Reading

In the wake of the coronavirus, demand has increased among consumers for contactless solutions which remove the need for home visits from technicians. Using Anyline’s mobile scanning technology allows utilities to protect the health of end customers and employees alike while also simplifying the data gathering process.

Accurate Data Acquisition & Quality Improvements

The use of this new technology also represents a new evolution in securing data quality in the utility sector. Both end customers and companies benefit from error-free data acquisition and the accelerated work and accounting processes. This makes invoice and plausibility checks both more efficient and more transparent.

Thomas Hemmer, CEO of co.met, remarked:

“The quality of the consumption data determined in this way is extremely accurate. Reading, typing and transmission errors are avoided by scanning the meter values. The entire process gets accelerated significantly and there are fewer inconsistencies in accounting and statistics.”

Digitization Solutions for the Austrian Energy Industry

The digital transformation of the energy and utilities sector is also in full swing in Austria. The need of companies and end customers for simple, fast and secure solutions for contactless meter reading is growing steadily.

Thanks to many years of experience with efficient process & data services in the utilities area and the use of the latest mobile scanning technology from Anyline, co.met is well equipped to enter the Austrian market and is ready to further digitize the Austrian energy industry.

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