How VIN Scanning is Changing the Damage Inspection Process


Damage inspection firms specialize in inspecting damaged cars on behalf of insurance companies. When a vehicle has been in an accident or sustained some other type of damage, they send their expert damage appraisers to do a formal inspection. As part of their inspection process, these appraisers must report the VIN and license plate number of the vehicles they inspect, along with an Austrian registration certificate.

Mobile License Plate Scanning

In the past, these numbers were recorded by hand and then logged manually, a common error-prone process with more than a few issues. First of all, it’s a lot of data to record before beginning a thorough inspection. The second problem is that the appraiser has to travel to inspect each vehicle. If they record the VIN, license plate, or registration certificate incorrectly, then they need to travel all the way back to do it a second time as it must be recorded by them for authenticity processes.

This is a time-consuming process as it is, but thanks to mobile data capture, one that can be easily solved. Instead of recording these details by hand, experts can point their mobile device at the VIN or license plate and accurately capture the required data, all in an instant. They can also use Anyline to scan the vehicle registration certificate, for increased versatility.

Not only does this ensure that all details are accurately recorded, it means the appraiser can focus more on their evaluation and provide better feedback to a customer’s insurance provider for greater care.

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Want to Add License Plate and VIN Scanning to Your Mobile App?

Create your own mobile license plate and VIN scanner app with Anyline. We’ve developed a module within our SDK for this exact purpose. This makes it simple for your development team to integrate it with your existing app or build a new app around it.

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