How to Handle Events in the Time of Corona

The event calendar might be closed for business, but we are not. By Natasha Sotomayor, Events Manager at Anyline.

By Natasha Sotomayor, Events Manager at Anyline.

When I started with Anyline in January, I came in ready to tackle the extensive list of trade fairs across Europe, Asia, and America.  And while there were whispers of a virus starting to spread in China, I’ll be honest and say that most of us saw this as nothing more than the flu!

Conference and event organizers assured us that everything was going to continue like normal. Until suddenly it wasn’t.

The first big domino to fall was the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Seeing a 100,000+ visitor event vanish gave us a stark warning of things to come. Since then, many more have wisely followed the advice of the WHO, CDC and other organizations to postpone or cancel.

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