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Innovative Mobile Marketing Solutions

Marketing campaigns going mobile aren’t really a new trend. The goal is though to stay creative and offer your customer something useful and fun. It is all about catching up with people exactly where they are – on their phone. We made a selection of innovative mobile marketing campaigns that might inspire your next campaign.

Mobile internet traffic and the shifting marketing budgets

Over half of the total internet traffic nowadays comes from mobile devices and this number is only going to increase. Marketing budgets are therefore shifting to take into account those mobile internet users. Statistics show that users not only like visiting the internet via their mobile device but also that they prefer using mobile apps rather than mobile sites.

Mobile marketing campaign examples

Getting Free WiFi for Playing Scrabble

Ogilvy Paris gave the citizens of Paris the possibility to access free WiFi in places where normally no wifi connection can be established. In order to access the WiFi users had to play a game of scrabble. By proving their spelling abilities users scored points. The score of the word was then converted into free WiFi minutes. The higher the score the more free WiFi time was given to the users. The campaign resulted in 110,000 minutes of free WiFi, 6000 correctly spelled words and countless downloads of the Scrabble app. The video campaign below shows how the app worked:

IKEA Catalogue App


IKEA catalogue app

IKEA recognized the potential of mobile marketing and built a mobile app, which transformed their paper catalogue into an interactive platform. Scanning the pages showed its user additional information on the products. Furthermore, the app uses an augmented reality feature to give the customers the possibility to virtually place a product of the catalogue in their own apartment. The app got installed 6.2 million times, which made it the number 1 downloaded marketing app for a brand. IKEA app users spent an average of eight minutes with the app which is 5 more minutes than spent with the catalogue.

Nivea sun protection tracking app

Another great example of a mobile campaign is Nivea’s kids sun protection ad. Although the campaign was not purely mobile but combined mobile and print, it shows perfectly how a mobile campaign can be made so useful that the consumer doesn’t even realize that it is an ad. The print advert had a detachable protect strip that could be put around the kids arm like a wirst band. The ad also invited the parent to download the Nivea app which would then communicate with the bracelet. The parents could then detect an area in which the child could move around when on the beach and get alerted once their kids left this area. Nivea therefore wasn’t even running a campaign directly for their sun protection but wanted to react to what their customers want: protect their children. Of a sun burn or of the kids running away and getting lost. Check out the video below to see exactly how the campaign worked.

Nivea’s campaign was very well received and even a year after the campaign started they still got requests for the bracelet. The ads were featured in 10 press and 40 digital articles.

Karlsberg Voucher Code Scan

Karlsberg is one of the companies which seized the opportunity of the EURO 2016 to start a great mobile campaign. The brewery already did a promotion for the last Football Championship. With printing codes inside of the crown cap they engaged their customers to collect the crown caps, type in the codes online and therefore participate in their promotion and win all different kinds of prices. This year though they made their promotion even more appealing. Apart from giving their customers the opportunity to enter the collected codes online, they also offered an app to easily scan the printed codes. The Karlsberg Urpils App was developed using the Anyline® SDK. With more than 40.000 users and 1.000.000 user interactions per month the mobile marketing campaign showed great results. The video below demonstrates the easy and game like use of the app. 

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