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Inspiring AI Projects: University of Nottingham, Viberate & Speedgate

Discover how the University of Nottingham wants to cheat death, how Viberate (re-)creates music & how Speedgate invents a new sport with AI.

At Anyline, we’re working on new and exciting ways to bring our technology & mobile scanning solutions to the world. And nothing keeps us on our toes like finding other machine learning & AI innovators out there, who are working on truly exceptional AI projects.

Using data from over half a million people in the UK aged between 40 and 69, their project has developed machine learning algorithms that could be used to predict health risks among middle-aged people.

The result? Dr. Wang says their machine-learned algorithms were “significantly more accurate in predicting death than the standard prediction models developed by a human expert.” Read more about their approach in this article.

It’s been described as an IMDb for music, bringing together the ‘largest curated and crowdsourced database’, where you can find not just new artists, but also venues, events, agencies, and much more.

They’ve already made friends in high places, signing partnerships with the International Dance Music Awards and the biggest names in ticket selling, including Ticketmaster, Skiddle, Eventbrite, and Eventim. So what’s next? A relaunch of their website, which they hope will revolutionize how we choose our new jam. Watch this space…

Speedgate: Inventing a New Sport with AI

Did you ever see the video of the Toyota Robot that plays the violin? It’s a strange experience… somehow the poor little guy plays every note perfectly, and yet, something is missing…a bit of soul perhaps?

The same question comes to mind with the launch of Speedgate – the ‘world’s first sport imagined by AI.’ Can a computer-generated game ever inspire the same passion, spirit, and emotional high of sports created by mere humans?

Like all the greatest ideas, the Speedgate team started by asking the right questions. Could they make a sport which was a) fun and easy to learn, b) accessible to all athletes and c) a great workout too?

After analyzing over 400 sports, bending & breaking 7,300 rules, endless testing, and the secret ingredient of feedback from some flesh and blood human beings, Speedgate emerged! Learn more about Speedgate and set up your own club here!


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