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Two days ago we hosted the 7ᵗʰ Computer Vision Meetup in our office “Die Manege”.

After a quick intro by our CTO Daniel Albertini we dove straight into the first talk about deep learning.

Deep Learning in the Browser using ConvNetJS and CaffeeJS by Christoph Körner

Christoph’s extensive slides include all the sources and you can find the corresponding code on Github. Christoph also showed how to run the famous DeepDream demo entirely in the browser. Check out some more demos here.

The audience clearly liked the talk and also got to discuss the topic some more in the break.

After the first talk we had a little break where we enjoyed the perfect meetup food – sponsored by ViewAR.


ViewAR introducing different AR modules

After the break Markus Meixner from ViewAR introduced their different AR modules and got everyone excited by explaining all the possible uses cases for augmented reality.
Just a quick reminder who ViewAR is: they are a Viennese Augmented Reality Company, that has established its expertise in AR business solutions. They are experts in product visualization and provide 3D visualization apps in order to push sales and speed up the decision making process of the end clients. Objects can quickly be adapted through the app to the needs of the client. With their apps, businesses are enabled to create virtual scenarios for their clients.
They are based in Vienna and are looking for people who are excited about the future of augmented reality and who interested to work together with their great team. Simply get in touch with them via their website or via email!

Mobile Development with OpenCV in iOS

Last but not least our CTO Daniel Albertini did a live coding session. He gave an intro about Mobile Development with OpenCV in iOS and made it look very easy ;) We are working on summarizing the content as a blog post or screencast so you can go through the steps at home as well – so stay tuned and keep monitoring our blog!

Hold a talk yourself!

You have a project or topic you would like to talk about or you know someone, who would like to share his/her experiences and knowledge at our Computer Vision Meetup? Please contact us!
It is great to see how our community is growing each month, so if you haven’t already – don’t forget to join our meetup group ! ;)

We’ve just recently started live streaming the meetup, we usually post the link once the meetup starts! Please let us know if have suggestions about how we could improve the meetup, happy to hear your feedback!




If you have questions, suggestions or feedback on this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via FacebookTwitter or simply via [email protected]! Cheers!